12 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit – Type D

12 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit – Type D

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  • 12 Panel Urine Drug Test
  • Ideal for Workplace Drug Testing
  • Shows Positive or Negative Results for Each Drug
  • Accuracy level of 99%
  • Includes Alcohol Screen

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Our professional 12 panel multi drug test is designed to detect the presence of twelve different drugs. It is our most comprehensive and popular test.

These drug screens are simple, fast and accurate tests which detect the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. This is the only multi-parameter test that we offer which tests for alcohol as well as 11 other drugs of abuse. Testing with this kit offers a highly accurate way of detecting recent drug use.

Urine drug testing is commonly used in random drug testing due to the speed and accuracy of its results. The 12 panel urine drug test screens simultaneously for the following drugs:

  • ALC Alcohol
  • AMP Amphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • BAR Barbiturate (300 ng/ml)
  • BUP Buprenorphine (10 ng/ml)
  • BZD Benzodiazepines (300 ng/ml)
  • COC Cocaine (300 ng/ml)
  • MDMA/XTC Ecstasy (500 ng/ml)
  • MET Methamphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • MOR Heroin (Opiates/Morphine) (300 ng/ml)
  • MTD Methadone (300 ng/ml)
  • TCA Tricyclic Antidepressants (1000 ng/ml)
  • THC Cannabis (50 ng/ml)

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I trawled the internet looking for the most comprehensive drug test kit and eventually stumble upon this 12 drug test. It seems to cover all the drugs you could want to test for, including alcohol. The tests I ordered arrived next day with very good instructions. Results were easy to read and clear. Recommended.

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