Does Spice Show up on a Drug Test?

Spice Drug Testing

The most common names for synthetic cannabis are K2 and Spice. This article will answer some of the most common questions asked about this relatively new designer drug. We will look at the drugs history and  the risks of using it.  We will also look at ways in which drug test kits can detect the drug.

What is Spice?

Spice is a term used to define herbal products that are marketed as a safe alternative to cannabis or other drugs. Often know as synthetic marijuana or cannabis, spice products are sold under a wide variety of monikers including KW, Yucatan Fire, Moon rocks, or plain old “fake weed”. Although spice products claim to be all-natural, they all have chemical additives which many feel could be a cause for concern.

Is Spice Legal?

It was made illegal in the UK in December of 2009 when it was determined to be a Class B drug. Since 2018, the government has been put under increasing pressure from MP’s and Police to reclassify Spice as a Class A drug.

How Is Spice Distributed?

Spice has been sold under many different names, by several different companies, and manufacturers labels trry to disguise the fact that their product is synthetic cannabis which makes it difficult to gather solid information about its side effects. However, the one thing that has been confirmed is that although these type of drug products claim to be a “natural” formula they are made from synthetic ingredients.

Spice used to be easily accessible in retailers and online, but now the five active ingredients in spice products have been determined as controlled substance by the making the drug illegal to purchase, sell, or own.

Many Spice manufacturers have tried to get around this new classification by adjusting the ingredients of their spice product. Legislators continue to update the list of the latest spice copycats and add each of them to the banned list of illegal substances.

How Is The Drug Consumed?

Similar to cannabis, spice is smoked. Some people mix their cannabis with spice and some people turn it into an herbal tea of sorts.

Who is at the Highest Risk of Abusing Spice?

Spice is one of the common drugs high school age students experiment with, coming in second in usage popularity to cannabis. Spice is relatively easy to access and is advertised as “natural” so many teens opt to use spice because they think it is a harmless drug. Another reason spice is so popular is that it does not register on many standard drug tests, however tests are starting to appear on the market that can detect spice. Zoom Testing now offers a two drug test that detects spice and cannabis.

What Does Spice Do?

Spice’s effects are very similar to that of cannabis, however some users say spice gives a more extreme high causing anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

There have been no clinical studies as to how spice affects its users so there is no official determination as how its psychoactive properties affect the brain. What has been confirmed is that Spice’s active compounds are known to bind to the same cell receptors as THC (cannabis), but often in a stronger way, which could result in a much more powerful and unpredictable effect. The addition of extra substances to spice might also result in dramatically different effects than the user might expect from smoking normal cannabis.

Side Effects of Synthetic Cannabis

While there are no official clinical findings, spice users have reported hallucinations, agitation, vomiting, increase heart rate, disorientation, and spice may be linked to cardiovascular concerns and heart attacks. Some spice users that have consumed spice for long periods of time have reported withdrawal symptoms similar to those of other addictive substances.

Other concerns are that spice’s chemical compounds may contain heavy metals which can be toxic and lead other health concerns. Until clinical studies have been performed there is not a solid way to determine all of the concerns associated with the use of spice.

The Uk’s Synthetic Cannabis Epidemic

Use of spice in the UK is a growing and concerning problem. In prison’s use of the drug has spiraled out of control. The drug has no smell and is cheaper than cannabis . also, many urine drug tests used in prisons do not detect the drug. All these factors make it the perfect drug for many of the UK’s prison population. The drug also helps bored prisoners pass the time as it makes time go quicker, hours can pass in what feels like just minutes.

Homeless people have also been victim to the drug. In Manchester, for example, researchers have found that 90-95% of the homeless population are on the drug.

Why Spice?

Spice is cheap and strong, which makes it a very attractive drug for many. Much of the drug is imported from China in liquid form. It is then sprayed onto plant leaves, before being sold one.

Spice’s main attractions are that it is cheap and strong. It is thought to be imported from China in liquid form, then sprayed on an inert plant such as marshmallow before being sold to be smoked. Only the tiniest amount of the chemical is needed to have an effect

Is There A Drug Test Kit for Spice?

As with all New Psychoactive Substances (NSP), the drug testing industry has found it a challenge to keep up with new drugs and to provide drug test kits that can detect new drugs and their thousands of variations. for a long time it was not possible to get a drug test it for Spice, but the technology has moved on.  We have found out more about the chemistry of he drug and new drug test kits that detect spice are appearing on the market.

Urine Drug Test Kits for Spice

These tests are available for Zoom Testing as a single drug test kit for Spice or a multi-panel drug test kit that detects Spice as well as 9 other drugs. At present we do not know of the existence of any saliva drug test kits for Spice.

We also offer presumptive drug tests for Spice. These tests are ideal if you have a suspicious substance and you want to identify if it is or isn’t Spice. A lot of prisons use these types of drug identification tests to identify Spice.

Drug Testing Index

Spice is just one of many drugs that can be screened for using a drug test kit from Zoom Testing. Visit our Drug Testing Index page for a comprehensive, alphabetical list of drugs.

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