Safer Nights Out: Tackling Drink Spiking in the UK

Safer Nights Out: Tackling Drink Spiking in the UK

Imagine this scenario: You’re out at a club with friends, grooving to the music, sipping your favourite cocktail. But within an hour, you suddenly feel disoriented, nauseous, your vision blurs. Sadly, drink spiking has become an all too common occurrence these days, leaving victims terrified and violated. Let’s dive into the disturbing reality of spiked drinks and what’s being done to tackle this vile issue.

The Harrowing Statistics

The numbers speak for themselves – over 10% of young UK adults have fallen prey to spiked drinks, according to the Alcohol Education Trust. And a shocking 11% of university students believe their beverages were tampered with, The Tab revealed. It’s no wonder women staged boycotts of nightclubs across Britain last year, demanding better safety protocols.

The Government Steps In

With growing outrage, the UK government formed a special task force to address drink spiking at universities. But bars and clubs must also up their game to ensure patrons, especially students, can let loose without fearing for their safety.

Clever Drink Spiking Countermeasures

So what innovative tactics are venues employing? Many offer specialised cup covers and cling wraps to prevent spiking. Royal Holloway Student Union provides ‘Spikeys,’ and ‘NightCap’ scrunchies – pretty genius! Bars like Home in Lincoln use test strips that detect date rape drugs like ketamine and GHB. So simple, yet so effective.

Your New Best Friend: “Ask for Angela”

One brilliant code of conduct going mainstream is the “Ask for Angela” campaign. If you ever feel threatened or unsafe at a club, simply approach staff and utter “Angela.” They’ll instantly know you need help, whether calling a cab, security, or ensuring you aren’t left alone. It’s a discreet way to defuse risky situations on the spot.

Hyper-Vigilant Protocols

Many venues have seriously ramped up security efforts too. From ID checks and bag searches to body pat-downs for males at places like Oxford’s Bullingdon, no stone is left unturned. The Leadmill in Sheffield collects unattended drinks, while Birmingham’s Players bar prohibits men from entering with bags. Other spots employ dedicated first-aid responders and increase patrols. This multi-pronged approach instills confidence in an evening out.

A Night to Remember – For the Right Reasons

These inventive countermeasures provide a glimmer of hope that spiking can be curbed and partying can feel safe again. Whether it’s grabbing drink toppers, using test strips, or simply being aware of the “Ask for Angela” code, a little preparation goes a long way. At the end of the day, you deserve nights filled with great music, delicious cocktails, and even better company – without fearing for your safety. Cheers to clubs prioritizing our wellbeing so we can live it up worry-free!

Photo: “Workers” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Testing

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