Using Multi Panel Drug Tests In The Workplace

Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits: The Future of Employee Drug Screening

Workplace drug testing helps companies reduce risks and costs associated with substance abuse among employees. Implementing a robust drug testing program that utilises accurate multi-panel drug screening kits can improve workplace safety, productivity, staff retention and compliance with regulations.

The Hidden Epidemic of Substance Abuse in UK Workplaces

Employee drug abuse is an invisible crisis costing employers billions in lost productivity and accidents. Studies show 60% of workplace accidents and 40% of poor staff performance stem from drug or alcohol use. About 17% of the UK workforce – 3 million people – show up to work impaired by illegal or prescription drugs each year.

Small Businesses Also Affected

Interviews with small business owners reveal 1 in 10 have dealt with an employee working while intoxicated. No company is immune to this issue.

The True Price Tag of Substance Abuse

Every year companies lose money and staff time due to absenteeism, accidents, inferior work product and high turnover linked to drugs and alcohol. Workers who misuse prescription medications are 2 to 5 times more likely to be late, have unexcused absences, get injured on the job or file workers’ comp claims compared to sober colleagues. Within one year of being hired, 70% of drug abusers leave or are terminated.

Why Drug Testing Makes Good Business Sense

Implementing pre-employment, periodic, random and reasonable suspicion drug screening fosters a safer, more productive workplace. Employers with drug testing programs report:

  • Reduced workplace accidents and injuries
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Improved staff performance and output
  • Better ability to identify and assist struggling employees
  • Increased retention of valuable staff members
  • Full compliance with health and safety laws

Choosing Accurate Multi-Panel Drug Tests

To detect the wide range of substances abused, experts recommend multi-panel testing capable of identifying multiple drugs – both illegal and prescription medications. Urine testing kits from Zoom Testing can screen for over 30 different drugs including common abused substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and MDMA/ecstasy.

The urine drug tests detect either the parent drug compound or metabolites left behind as the substances break down in the body. A positive test indicates the drug or metabolite is present in the sample above cutoff threshold levels printed on the test.

Multi-panel kits provide clear, separate pass/fail type results for each substance analysed. Test cards contain prongs, with one prong designated to test for each drug. For example, a 10-panel kit would have 10 prongs.

To conduct a urine drug screen, simply remove the test card cap to expose prongs then dip the card into the collected urine sample for the time specified in instructions. Test cup samples sold separately provide sterile specimen collection.

When to Consider Employee Drug Testing

Common occasions companies elect to test current or prospective staff members include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Random testing
  • Periodic testing
  • Post-accident investigations
  • Return-to-work evaluations
  • Blanket or company-wide testing

Understanding Urine Drug Test Results

Positive urine drug tests indicate the presence of the target drug or metabolites produced when the substance breaks down. The test does not show precise levels consumed or timing of use.

It also does not confirm impairment. But positives suggest an employee has used the identified illegal or prescription substance in the recent past.

Most drugs remain detectable for 2 to 30 days depending on factors like dosage taken and individual metabolism. Specific detection windows are:

Get Help Setting Up A Custom Drug Testing Program

Every workplace has unique needs and risks. Contact Zoom Testing to learn about advantages of specific multi-panel urine drug tests. Their experts can help companies of all sizes organise customised substance abuse screening protocols that protect staff safety while complying fully with UK laws.

10 Panel Drug Test Kit with Ketamine

Fast and Accurate: The Case for the 10 Panel Workplace Drug Test

Comprehensive Workplace Drug Screening

The 10 Panel Workplace Drug Test offered by Zoom Testing provides employers a fast, accurate, and comprehensive method to screen employees for drug use. Detecting 10 common drugs of abuse in one simple test, it offers multiple advantages over less extensive testing options.

Wide Range of Drugs

The 10 panel test simultaneously screens for 10 drug groups – amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines, methadone, opiates, and tricyclic antidepressants. Testing for this wide range makes it highly effective at uncovering drug abuse issues affecting employee performance and workplace safety.

Optimised for UK Workplaces

While created with the advanced quality standards expected of this type of test, this 10 panel drug screen stands out in being specifically designed for UK workplaces. The 10 drugs it tests for reflect those most commonly encountered and abused currently in UK work environments.

Fast and Reliable

Providing results in only 5 minutes, this drug test kit enables rapid screening when drug testing employees. The built-in accuracy helps assure employers that results can be trusted in evaluating employees.

Long Shelf Life

With long expiry dates, these tests kits retain effectiveness when stockpiled for ongoing workplace drug monitoring needs. Employers can economically buy in quantity, storing extra kits until employee random testing is required.

Pair with Alcohol Test

For the most comprehensive employment screening, the provider recommends pairing this 10 panel drug test with an 80 hour workplace alcohol test. Using both tests together screens for the 11 most widely abused substances that threaten workplace safety.

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