Breathalyser Test for Pilots

Japan Airlines Introduces Breathalyser Test for Pilots

After a Japan Airlines pilot was arrested at Heathrow Airport for being drunk, the company will install a new breathalyser system at international airports.

Last month Katsutoshi Jitsukawa was arrested when he was tested for being 9 times over the legal limit for alcohol.

This new measure also came into place after the delay of a number of Japan Airlines because of drunk pilots. There are currently no limitations to the consumption of alcohol by Japanese pilots.  The airlines have the discretion to determine the alcohol limits for on-duty pilots.

Mr. Jitsukawa was found with 189mg per 100ml of alcohol in his system following his arrest. In the UK, a pilot’s legal limit is 20mg.

There have been 19 cases that pilots from Japan Airlines failed the company’s alcohol test since August 2017 according to a company spokesperson.

As a result, 12 flights were delayed and the other 9 left on time because an alternate crew was found in time.

Due to the recent indiscretions, Japan Airlines will establish a number of new measures, including the breathalyser test for pilots.

At international airports, a new breathalyser system will be installed and flight crew who violate the new alcohol level will face penalties.

Heathrow and local Japan airports already have the new system in place. Other airports will have the system installed by 19 November.

The company said that pilots are not allowed to consume alcohol 24 hours before reporting for flights leaving Japan.

Intoxicated pilots have also been a problem for other airlines.

A British Airways pilot was jailed after he reported to work after consuming three double vodkas.

A pilot in India was recently banned from flying for three years following a failed alcohol test.

Photo Credit: “JAL 767” (CC BY 2.0) by Simon_sees

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