Amsterdam Introduces Cannabis Smoking Ban

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District? Get ready for some changes. The city has announced a new set of regulations that go into effect in mid-May, and they include a ban on smoking cannabis on the street.

The new rules are intended to improve the liveability of the district for its residents, as tourists have long been blamed for disruptive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse. Now, restaurants and bars in the district must close by 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and no new visitors will be admitted after 1am. The sale of alcohol from shops, liquor stores, and cafes is already illegal from Thursday to Sunday after 4pm, and now all vendors must also remove alcohol from view during that time.

Cannabis consumption is prohibited in most public spaces in Amsterdam, so if you do choose to indulge you’ll have to do it in a private setting. The Netherlands is well known for its cannabis cafes, which are allowed to sell the drug under certain conditions, such as not causing any public nuisance. The government has also ordered coffee shops to stop trying to attract foreign smokers to their premises.

The city is launching a “stay away” campaign to target tourists who travel to Amsterdam for drugs, alcohol, and sex. So if you’re just visiting to enjoy the city’s many other attractions, you’ll be able to do so without disruptions.

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

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