The Unfavourable Effects of Cannabis

The Unfavourable Effects of Cannabis

Despite the cool connotations associated with smoking weed, smoking cannabis is not full of freedom. You’d be still living within the psychological and physiological effects that are sure not favourable once it begun and eventually damaging your health. Read on the how cannabis can put a considerable effect to your health.

Cannabis (also known as pot, herb, and most commonly as weed) is produced from the hemp plant called Cannabis sativa and you can use the dried leaves, stems, flowers, and even seeds to get the ‘high’ feeling. To date, nearly four percent smokes it at least once a year and now it’s begin to worrying that the statistics will be increased as there are as many as thirty percent of teens smoke the pot.

There are more than 66 cannabinoid compounds with the most potent one is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC). The compound binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the nerve cell, causing activity changes to release the ‘feel – good’ hormone dopamine. These changes are what we feel as high, increase in anxiety, paranoia, and acute psychosis (causing you to dissociate from your present reality).

Sure people are pointing out that smoking the herb occasionally won’t put a significant harm to our health but how can we be sure that we’re not on our way to get addicted to cannabis’s effects?

Short Term Effects of Cannabis

Along with the high – like feeling, you can feel cannabis effect within thirty to sixty minutes after smoking the weed as THC gets absorbed into the blood via lungs (causing the heart to beat rapidly) and the effect can last as long as weeks. After the euphoria subsides, cannabis user will tend to feel sleepy, fear, panic, and depressed for no reason.

Because of this that the user will most likely to use cannabis on regular basis that will eventually have their life depending on it.

Effects to Your Brain and Lungs

Using cannabis long enough will put a considerable damage to your brain, making you unable to think and remember clearly. With brain damaged by THC, you will tend to hallucinate and live in delusions even when you are not taking cannabis at the moment. Frequent smoking the weed can also cause burning to your mouth and throat, forming various respiratory problems and infections (similar to tobacco smokers).

The Dangers of Cannabis Use

Smoking pot can make you more at risk to suffer lung cancer, affecting your fertility, and reduce your appetite. Your psychology state is no doubt will be affected. You tend to get angry easily (especially when there’s no weed in hand), depressed, and tuning out of reality more often than you realized.

Still tempted to taste the weed? There’s more to life than getting depending on cannabis as it can only do you more harm than good.

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