Cocaine Concerns Lead to Nightclub Closure in Reading

Cocaine Concerns Lead to Nightclub Closure in Reading

A nightclub in Berkshire has faced severe consequences after traces of cocaine were discovered on the premises. The Reading venue, known as the Gun Street Garden, has had its licence suspended for two months, prohibiting the sale of alcohol and late-night music.

Cocaine and Oxycodone Found

According to a report, police officers wiped toilet cubicles and sinks with drug swabs at the nightclub in December and found traces of cocaine and oxycodone, an opioid medication. The discovery raised concerns about drug use and safety within the establishment. It is more than likely that police used cocaine surface wipes to detect the presence of the drug residue. Wipes for other drugs are also available and will produce similar positive or negative results.

Cocaine Surface Wipe

Suspension of Licensable Activities

The licensing officer for Thames Valley Police, PC Declan Smyth asked for a review of Gun Street Garden’s licence, citing an “alarming number of incidents” at the venue, including assaults and underage drinking. In response, Reading Borough Council’s licensing committee decided to suspend the nightclub’s ability to sell alcohol and play music late into the night for a period of two months.

Concerns and Consequences

Councillors have expressed concerns about the drug findings and expect the venue to temporarily close following the suspension of its licensable activities. The Local Democracy Reporting Service reported that the nightclub has stated it will conduct staff training and introduce additional operating measures to address the concerns raised.

Closing Remarks

The suspension of Gun Street Garden’s licence serves as a stern warning to establishments that fail to maintain a safe and drug-free environment. The discovery of cocaine and oxycodone at the venue has had severe consequences, leading to its temporary closure and the implementation of stricter measures to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.

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