Benzos Drug Deaths Continue to Rise in Cornwall

Benzos Drug Deaths Continue to Rise in Cornwall

In Cornwall, illicit benzodiazepine-related deaths have increased for the second consecutive year. The number of drug fatalities caused by benzodiazepines in Cornwall was 32% of all drug deaths in 2021 according to an annual review. A total of nine deaths occurred in 2020 due to these drugs. A total of 38 drug-related deaths occurred in 2021 as compared to 40 in 2020.

Drug-related fatalities in Cornwall were reviewed by Safer Cornwall’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team to identify any learnings for future prevention.

In an effort to reduce the harm caused by these drugs. A team at Cornwall Council is investigating how to reduce the dangers. The team is also researching the most effective ways to help drug users recognise the dangers of these substances, particularly when people combine them with alcohol or other substances.

According to the review, cocaine and heroin were also involved in more deaths than in 2020. Among those who died from cocaine, 22 were fatal, 20 percent more than in 2020. Heroin involved 18 fatalities, up from 14 in 2020.

In a pledge to support drug users to get the help they need, Cornwall Council councillors have pledged to keep working with their partners.

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