£20 Million in Cannabis Discovered by Rotherham Police

Rotherham police have uncovered 20,000 cannabis plants worth over £20.5 million following an investigation into power outages.

As a result of an investigation into unexplained blackouts in the Eastwood area, South Yorkshire Police and National Powergrid discovered several cannabis farms.

An individual living on Hatherley Road reported 13 power outages in just two weeks. These were caused by cannabis farms making illegal connections to the electricity grid. An operation aimed at addressing the problem was launched by Rotherham Council and the police.

The operation has resulted in 122 warrants being executed since October 2021, resulting in 50 arrests and 120 prohibition notices being issued. Maltby and Dinnington have now been included in the operation, while further investigations are underway to focus on troublesome landlords and to identify potential links to other criminal organisations.

Photo by South Yorkshire Police

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