Nottingham Drug Testing

50 Convicted After Nottingham Drugs Crackdown

A year-long police crackdown in the Bestwood area of Nottingham, code-named Operation Reacher, has focused on Nottingham drug gangs as well as broader criminal activity. Following a year-long operation, Nottinghamshire Police report that they have seized almost £1.8m worth of drugs.

A further £300,000 in cash was recovered, 337 vehicles and 23 weapons that included 8 firearms.

Police stated that criminals used “extreme violence” to “spread misery, crime and anti-social behaviour”.

Cocaine, heroin, cannabis and MDMA were some of the drugs seized.

Two shotguns, 6 handguns and over 150 rounds of ammunition were among the firearms seized.

Nottingham Drugs Crackdown

In the crackdown, 282 people were stopped and searched by police, 102 warrants were executed, which resulted in 50 people being convicted.

The heads of the networks attempted to profit from the misery of hundreds of vulnerable citizens of our neighbourhoods, according to police. Criminals used extreme violence and fear to maintain their networks. They spread misery by fuelling addictions, which resulted in the virus-like spreading of crime and anti-social activities.

Police also stated that there was involvement from the wider community in catching the Nottingham drugs gangs.

There is a strong link between drugs and stolen vehicles, particularly motorbikes, which can easily escape police vehicles by weaving through traffic and transport drugs without much risk.

The public was previously the main source of info to the police, however many ex-thieves also came forward because they wanted to escape the criminal life. Officers reported that many of these people actually want to improve their communities and are becoming great sources of info.

Police state that Operation Reacher will be an ongoing project.

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Photo Credit: “Nottingham at dusk” (CC BY 2.0) by Dun.can