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Zoom Testing has been supplying drug testing kits in Nottingham since 2007. The company specialises in drug test kits for individuals and companies.  All well as private customers and major companies, Zoom Testing is also an approved supplier of drug test kits to the NHS and HM Prison Service. Our company has many years experience in supplying and advising on drug testing in Nottingham. We are always available to offer free advice on any aspect of drug testing in Nottingham, or anywhere else in the UK.

Most customers for drug testing kits in Nottingham will chose one of two types of drug test kit –  a urine drug test kit or a saliva drug test kit.

Urine Drug Tests

A urine drug test, also known as a urine drug screen, tests urine for the presence of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications. The urine drug test is most commonly used to detect drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines.  Typically, a urine drug test can detect 12 of the most commonly abused drugs of abuse used in Nottingham and the UK today.

Urine Drug Tests are either single drug tests or multi drug tests. A single dug test is designed to just screen for one type of drug (e.g.: Cannabis). A multi drug screen will screen for a number of drugs at the same time, normally somewhere between 5 and 12 drugs.  Multi Panel Drug Tests are the most common type of drug test kits used by drug clinics in Nottingham as they allow a number of drugs to be tested at the same time, which is very convenient.

A single urine drug test kit consists of a cassette and a sample dropper. A small sample of urine is collected and three drops of urine are placed in the well of the cassette. Results are highly accurate and can be read in 5 minutes. Multi drug test kits are normally of the “dip and read” variety – the drug test itself is dipped into the urine sample and results follow minutes later.

The good thing about urine drug tests is that they can be used at home – no need to go to a clinic to take the test.

18 Panel Drug Test with Integrated Cup

Urine Drug Tests From Zoom Testing

The following urine drug tests are all ideally suited for general drug testing and are recommended choices from Zoom Testing, the UK drug testing experts. These tests are normally kept in stock, allowing us to send them out to you on the same day you order!

Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva drug test work by testing for small traces of drugs in your saliva. These types of drug tests are also known as drug swab tests. Saliva drug test kits are easy to use and the results are available in minutes. The use of saliva drug test kits is often preferred to urine drug test kits as they are less intrusive. However they tend to be more expensive to buy and the time frame in which they can detect drugs is not as long as it is for urine drug tests kits.

Saliva Drug Tests From Zoom Testing

Zoom Testing, the leading UK drug testing kits supplier, recommends these oral fluid drug tests for accurate and efficient detection of the most commonly used drugs of abuse in Nottingham.

Drug Testing Kits in Nottingham

Zoom Testing can supply drug testing kits in Nottingham and the rest of the county. We normally ship orders same day and would expect deliveries to addresses in Nottingham to arrive next day. All orders are posted using first class mail. Zoom Testing is the best place to buy both urine and saliva drug testing kits in Nottingham.

Drug Testing Kits for Employers

Many employers in Nottingham use drug testing as part of their recruitment process or for random testing of existing employees. The benefits of workplace drug testing include:

  • Reduced accidents and injuries caused by employees under the influence of drugs
  • Increased productivity from a drug-free workforce
  • Lower absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Safer working environment for all employees

Common ways employers drug test staff in Nottingham:

  • Pre-employment testing – Job candidates are screened for drugs before being hired
  • Random testing – Employees are randomly selected for unannounced drug testing
  • For cause testing – Required after accidents or where impairment is suspected
  • Post-incident testing – Done after workplace accidents or injuries

The most popular types of drug tests used by Nottingham employers are urine and saliva tests. Urine tests can detect drug use going back several days, while saliva tests identify very recent drug use.

Some key things for Nottingham employers to consider when implementing a drug testing program:

  • Have a written drug testing policy
  • Use approved testing methods and certified labs
  • Protect confidentiality of employees
  • Follow employment laws and get legal advice

Overall, workplace drug testing is an important tool for Nottingham employers to protect their business, employees and the public.

Drug Testing for Parents

In Nottingham and across the UK, many parents worry about their teenage children experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Drug testing kits provide concerned parents with a way to find out if their child is using drugs.

Some reasons parents in Nottingham drug test their kids:

  • Suspect them of taking drugs but lack proof
  • Worried about specific signs or behaviours
  • Concerned about falling school grades
  • Peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol
  • Prevent risky or dangerous activities

Saliva and urine test kits allow parents to discreetly test their child at home. If drugs are detected, it opens up the opportunity for a conversation about drug risks and getting help. Testing negative can also relieve parents’ worries.

Experts recommend parents in Nottingham approach teen drug testing with care:

  • Test in a supportive, non-confrontational way
  • Explain reasons for testing to your child
  • Assure privacy and avoid punishment
  • Offer counselling and addiction resources
  • Maintain trust – don’t test secretly

Parental drug testing alone can’t stop teen drug use. But along with open communication, supervision, and professional help if needed, it can be part of a strategy to keep Nottingham kids safe.

Harm Reduction Approaches

Alongside enforcement and treatment, Nottingham takes a “harm reduction” approach to problematic drug use. This means pragmatic policies and programs aimed at reducing the harmful effects of drugs on individuals and society. Examples include:

  • Needle exchanges – Provides sterile needles to lower HIV and hepatitis risks for injecting drug users. Several located throughout Nottingham.
  • Drug checking – Allows people to get street drugs chemically tested to check purity and detect dangerous contaminants. Offered by some charities.
  • Overdose training – Teaches at-risk users and families how to spot and respond to overdoses. Saves lives.
  • Safe injection sites – Medically supervised locations where addicts can safely inject drugs. Reduces disease, overdoses and public drug use. Not yet available in Nottingham.
  • Naloxone access – Increases availability of the overdose reversal drug naloxone. Empowers users and families to counteract opiate ODs.
  • Drug education – Accurate, non-judgemental information about drugs, risks and staying safer. Aimed at users, families and youth.

The harm reduction approach in Nottingham operates alongside enforcement, treatment and prevention efforts. It seeks to minimise the health, social and economic costs of drug misuse – both to users and society.


Nottingham has a wide range of services, charities and options available for both individuals and organisations when it comes to drug testing and support. Everything from at-home test kits for personal use to workplace programs for employers.

For anyone seeking drug tests, addiction help or harm reduction resources in Nottingham, there are many excellent local organisations ready to assist. With the right mix of evidence-based policies and pragmatic support, Nottingham continues working to address problematic drug use in the community.

Drug Support Groups in Nottingham

Double Impact
Double Impact is a charity aimed at those who have had problems with drug and alcohol use. The organisation promotes recovery and community integration

Nottingham Drug Aware
The DrugAware Award School Programme (Primary and Secondary) offers a complete and proven effective response for tackling drug and alcohol issues in schools.

Compass Nottingham
Compass provides treatment and care that allows adults and young people to recover from drugs and alcohol.

For advice on drug issues, or any aspect of drug testing in Nottingham, please contact one of the services above. If you are looking to purchase drug test kits or are a company or individual with requirements for drug testing kits in Nottingham, please contact us directly. Our many years experience in supplying drug testing kits in Nottingham means that we have the in-house expertise to answer most drug testing questions.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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