What is Temazepam

What is Temazepam?

For years, the name Temazepam has been floating around on the prescription drug market. A form of benzodiazepine, this drug works to manage chemical reactions in the brain that can help those with sleep problems such as insomnia to get a proper night’s sleep. Benzodiazepines belong to a group of drugs known as depressants.

Once used as the primary source and solution for helping those who suffer from sleep-related problems such as getting extended sleep, Temazepam has now s got a rather different reputation.

Medical Use of Temazepam

As more information has been learned about this drug, more and more warnings exist around it. it should not be taken by anyone who is pregnant as it can cause major problems in a newborn. At the same time, it should never be taken by anyone who has not been prescribed the drug – it can become very dangerous to be taken incorrectly and by the wrong person.

Anyone with a history of drug addiction who takes Temazepam could find themselves in an uncomfortable position in life. To help avoid that situation, it pays to know the damage that Temazepam can cause to the system.

For example, misuse can easily lead to an overdose and death. Keep in mind what this product does – it literally works with brain chemical signals. That can be quite dangerous, and should only be taken in a secure location under the supervision of those you know and trust.

A sleep disorder can be damaging, but Temazepam has shown that it can seriously affect memory, leading to blackouts and other common problems that can leave you unsure of what you have been doing. For that reason, the uncertainty can lead to more anxiety. If you have taken Temazepam and have noticed memory blanks, then it might be time to consider talking to your doctor about this.

Is Temazepam Addictive?

Yes, it can be highly addictive if taken by the wrong person, or someone with an addictive personality. Anyone who takes Temazepam and is asthmatic has a history of depressive behaviour, suffers from kidney or liver issues and/or takes any kind of opioid medication should consult heavily with a medical professional before going any further.

This drug can be very dangerous to those of the above disposition and could be a situation that makes your sleeping pattern degrade further rather than improve. Your best bet to defeating something a sleeping disorder if you suffer from such issues will need to be discussed – but it’s safe to say that those suffering from depression, addiction and live/kidney issues should avoid taking Temazepam.

It sets you to sleep very quickly, so taking it shortly before going for a long and lasting sleep I the only way to take this drug – follow the instructions provided and never deviate from that plan. If you are going to be active for less than 8-9 hours, then you should avoid taking Temazepam at all.

If you happen to overdose on this drug, you should almost certainly call for emergency medical care. From being extremely confused to going comatose, many problems can exist from taking Temazepam too often or in excessive doses. Don’t take any risks and, if you are 100% suitable to take this drug, make sure you follow the instructions clearly.

The potential for side effects, addiction and bodily damage is simply too great to take any risk.

Fake Temazepam Pills

Taking drugs is risky and when these drugs have been illegally obtained, it can also be dangerous and life threatening. In the UK, fake temazepam pills are in circulation and will be sold as the real drug. This is a real risk with many types of drugs that are obtained illicitly for recreational use.

Temazepam Drug Testing Kits

Use or abuse of the drug can be detected by a benzodiazepine drug testing kit. You can purchase a single drug test for Temazepam or you can check for the drug on a multi-panel drug test kit such as the Zoom Testing 11 Panel Drug Test Kit.

Urine drug test for Temazepam will detect the drug with a 300 ng/ml cut-off level.

Saliva Drug Test Kits are also able to detect Temazepam. Our 7 Panel Saliva Drug Test Kit will detect the drug. Saliva drug test for Temazepam will screen for the drug at a 10 ng/ml cut-off level.

Temazepam & Drug Driving

If you are driving a vehicle whilst on prescription drugs, such a Temazepam, you may be drug tested by the police if they feel your driving has been impaired. Temazepam is one of 17 drugs that are now subject to control under Drug Driving legislation, introduced in the UK in 2015.

The cut-off for the drug under a police drug driving test is 1,000µg/L.

For How Long Is Temazepam Detectable in the Body?

Temazepam can be detected by a urine drug test kit for 1–2 days after usage. This period can be longer if the drug has been injected.

However, it’s important to note that the detection time of Temazepam can vary depending on factors such as the individual’s metabolism, the dose taken, and the frequency of use. Chronic users may have a longer detection window as the drug accumulates in their system over time. Additionally, other types of drug tests such as hair or blood tests may be able to detect Temazepam for a longer period of time.

It’s important for individuals who are prescribed Temazepam to follow their doctor’s instructions carefully and not exceed the recommended dose or frequency of use. Misusing or abusing Temazepam can lead to addiction, physical dependence, and potentially dangerous side effects. If you are struggling with Temazepam addiction or dependence, seek out professional help from a healthcare provider.

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This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated since.

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