What do 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests Look For?

What do 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests Look For?

A 12-panel drug test is a drug screening method that checks for twelve different drugs. The drugs vary from class A drugs to prescription drugs which could potentially be abused. The test is easy to do and they provide a result within minutes of doing the test, which is very good for on-the-spot drug tests, or somebody who is thought to be under the influence and requires immediate checks, as well as allowing quick response rates to potential situations.

When using the drug test kit, the pouch should not be opened before you are ready to begin testing. A fresh sample of urine is collected in a clear container, and then the test is dipped into the sample, staying in for roughly 30 seconds and nothing else should touch the urine during this phase.

The 12-panel drug screen test checks for common drugs of abuse as: cannabis, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and amphetamines. Several prescription drugs that can be addictive or abused are also picked up using this test. These include benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methamphetamines and methadone.

All results are screened to internationally agreed cut off levels (SAMSHA) and offer accuracy of 99% when used correctly.

11 Panel Drug Test Kit

FDA Approved and CLIA Waived

The 12 panel drug test kit is FDA approved and CLIA waived for home or over-the-counter use.

The term “FDA Approved” means this drug test kit has been reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means the FDA has determined the test is reasonably safe and effective for its intended use, when used according to the instructions.

The term “CLIA Waived” means the test has been deemed simple and accurate enough that it can be used in non-laboratory settings. CLIA refers to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, which regulate testing on humans.

Waived status means the test is very simple to use and has a low risk of giving incorrect results. Tests that are CLIA waived can be sold over-the-counter (OTC) for use at home or in offices, clinics, etc. They don’t require being administered by trained lab personnel.

Drugs Screened

This 12 Panel Drug Screen screens simultaneously for the following drugs:

  • AMP Amphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • BAR Barbiturates (300 ng/ml)
  • BUP Buprenorphine (10 ng/ml)
  • BZD Benzodiazepines (300 ng/ml)
  • THC Cannabis (50 ng/ml)
  • COC Cocaine (300 ng/ml)
  • MDMA Ecstasy (500 ng/mL)
  • mAMP / MET Methamphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • MTD Methadone (300 ng/ml)
  • MOP / OPI Opiates (Heroin) (2,000 ng/ml)
  • OXY Oxycodone (100 ng/ml)
  • PCP Phencyclidine (25 ng/ml)

Long Shelf Life

These easy to store and use drug screen tests have a long expiry date, meaning that they are ideal to keep on the shelf for regular drug testing and monitoring.

This allows employers, parents, or anyone who needs to conduct drug screening to have tests readily available when needed. The long shelf life also makes these tests suitable for use in clinics, hospitals, and other facilities where drug screening occurs regularly.

Fast Results

Results from this 12 panel drug test can be obtained in just 5 minutes. This rapid turnaround time allows for quick decision making in time sensitive situations.

Whether an employer needs to make a staffing decision, a rehab facility needs to assess a patient, or a concerned parent needs answers, this drug test provides them in minutes rather than days.

How to Use

Using the 12 panel drug test is quick and easy:

  1. Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry container
  2. Remove the test from the sealed pouch just before use
  3. Dip the test into the urine sample for 10-15 seconds
  4. Lay the test flat and start the timer
  5. Read results at 5 minutes

Red lines will appear next to any drugs that are detected based on the cut-off levels. The absence of a red line indicates a negative result.


This 12 panel drug test has many applications including:

  • Workplace drug testing
  • Court ordered screening
  • Probation & parole monitoring
  • Drug abuse treatment programs
  • Deter teen drug use
  • Monitor prescription drug compliance

The ability to check for a wide range of commonly abused drugs in one test makes this kit ideal for any environment where thorough, convenient screening is needed.

Reliable Results

This drug test provides fast, convenient, at-home screening while maintaining excellent accuracy and reliability. The built-in adulteration strip detects attempts to tamper with or dilute the sample, ensuring the integrity of the results.

With its CLIA-waived status from the FDA and rigorous quality control standards, this is a drug screening solution you can trust.


For fast, comprehensive drug screening, this 12 panel drug test kit checks for the most commonly abused drugs and provides results in just minutes. The combination of multiple drug classes in one test along with its long shelf life make this an ideal solution for workplace programs, healthcare facilities, treatment centres and home use.

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