Why use Alcohol Test Strips?

Alcohol Test Strips are a simple, fast and reliable way of checking to see if a liquid contains alcohol. they were originally invented to test if a person’s saliva contained alcohol. However in recent years, with the increased prevalence of drink spiking, they are now often used to check any liquid to see if it contains alcohol.

Soft drinks are possible targets for drink spikers, so alcohol test strips offer a quick way of testing to see if a drink has been laced with alcohol.

Under-age drinking can also be identified and controlled with the aid of alcohol test strips. Police forces throughout the UK have been using them over many years to try and clamp down on underage drinking, and with great results.

Alcohol Test Strips can be used at young people’s parties and discos to make sure that no underage drinking is taking place. Alcohol Test Strips can be an aid in the fight against anti-social behaviour which happens as a result of minors drinking alcohol disguised in soft drink bottles. The test strip is sterile, and can be dipped into a drink without contaminating it.

Alcohol Test Strips Are Convenient to Use

Because Alcohol Test Strips are individually packed in foil wrappers, they are very convenient to use and can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag and used when needed. To test a drink for the presence of alcohol, simply dip the test in the liquid. The pad at the end of the test will change colour after coming into contact with alcohol, indicating a positive result. This test normally takes just two minutes to test and then get results.

Alcohol Test Strips and the Police

Alcohol Tests Strips have been specified, and are being employed with great success by companies who are trying to monitor the risks of alcohol on their employees whilst working on there premises. Many police forces are also using them identify the use of alcohol in public places by minors.

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