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UK Drug Testing Firm Expands Range

As a leading UK drug testing company, Zoom Testing, has announced ambitious plans to increase the range of drug testing kits that are currently supplied to both domestic and international customers.

As a company we are already known as one of the leading suppliers to the UK drug testing market with our extensive range of urine drug tests and oral fluid drug screens.

Zoom Testing also supplies an extensive range of presumptive drug test kits which are used by law enforcement agencies to identify substances that are possibly illegal drugs.

The identification of drugs is further enhanced by our laboratory drug tests which can identify most suspect substances. This service is available on a regular or express service to both private and professional customers.

Head of operations Johnny Mayo said “as one of the leading UK drug testing companies it is important that we stay informed of all developments in the drug screening industry.”

“The rise in use in recent years of new psychoactive substances (NSPs) means that new drugs are appearing on the market regularly. It is important that our range of drug test kits reflects this ever expanding range of illegal drugs of abuse.”

We will be shortly relaunching our hair follicle drug testing service to reflect the demand for comprehensive and reliable hair drug testing. New single drug test kits and multi drug test kits will be added to the wide range of urine drug test kits we currently offer.

The saliva drug test range is also to be expanded to include new multi panel drug screens.

All Zoom Testing products for professional use are CE marked and offer 99% test accuracy when used correctly.

Best Workplace Drug Testing Kits

Cannabis Drug Test (THC)

Cannabis Drug Test (THC)

Cannabis Drug Tests Test Sensitivity is 50ng/mL Approx. detectable time:  7 – 30 Days All tests are CE Marked and FDA Approved Test has an accuracy level of 99% ... Read More

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Cocaine Drug Test Urine

Cocaine Drug Test (COC)

Professional cocaine urine drug test kits. These single use cocaine drug testing cassettes detect COC in urine at a cut-off of 300 ng/mL. Zoom Testing cocaine drug screening tests are 99% reliable and give results in less than 5 minutes. This product is used to obtain a visual, qualitative result ... Read More

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AL7000 Alcohol Breathalyser

AL7000 Alcohol Breathalyser

Premium Model for UK and Europe Displays mg/L Breath alcohol content 0.220 for Scotland, Ireland & France 0.350 for the rest of the UK 0.090 for workplace HSE screening Perfect for Alcohol Drug Testing ... Read More

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