Workplace Drug Testing – are your staff taking drugs?

workplace drug testing

Workplace Drug Testing and why you need to do it
If you are an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees are free of harmful drugs.  The use of drugs of abuse may potentially affect work performance and/or safety. Drugs can negatively affect both the body and brain in numerous ways. They will most likely interfere with your suspected employee’s cognitive and physical capabilities. The employee in question may pose a potential hazard to everyone they work with or near. It is your duty to make sure the rest of your staff is out of harm’s way relative to a drug-impaired employee.

Testing for drugs in the workplace
If you suspect or simply desire to test your staff for drug abuse, it is crucial to put a workplace drug testing policy in place first. The policy should ideally notify employees of a few key areas :

  • Clearly state a zero tolerance policy for drug abuse within the workplace
  • All employees will be subject to random drug testing at administrator’s discretion
  • Abusing drugs or working under the influence of drugs is a dismissible offence

Workplace Drug Testing and legislation
As the employer, it is your job to stay well-informed of the most current governmental legislation concerning workplace drug testing. If you suspect a staff member has a drug problem, it is in their best interest that you make every effort possible to assist them. Encourage them to get the professional help they need. Launch a drug awareness programme to promote knowledge regarding drug abuse. This should be for both staff and administrative managers if drug misuse is indeed an issue.

Zoom Testing supplies urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. Both types of drug test can be safely and reliably used by employers. for most companies we advise the use of multi panel drug tests as they can screen for multiple drugs at the same time  The use of drug tests should form part of a company drugs policy when introducing workplace drug testing.

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