Revealed: 2019’s Best Value Digital Breathalyser for Personal Use

The AL6000 has been heralded as 2019’s best value digital breathalyser as a gift or for personal use.

In good news for consumers, the price of breathalysers has reduced considerably over the past few years, making these valuable personal devices much more affordable for personal use or as a heartfelt gift to keep a loved one safe.

With many breathalysers on the market offering impressive value for money, the AL6000 is still thought of as the top choice in this niche market.  Consistently outselling its competitors, the AL6000 used to have a retail price between £90 and £100 but prices have reduced considerably over the past few years, making the AL6000 more affordable now than ever before.

A robust and reliable breathalyser, the AL6000 is as popular for corporate use as it is for personal use.  Doing away with the need to send the breathalyser off for recalibration every year, the AL6000 is fitted with a semiconducting sensor that can be purchased online and easily changed out for optimal accuracy every 12 months or after 200 uses.

A quick alcohol screening solution, the AL6000 has become popular for business and clinic use, for example by clubs and pubs who wish to screen customers before entrance to ensure they are not already under the influence of alcohol.  With mouthpieces able to be purchased in bulk, a new mouthpiece can be used for each person and then disposed of, ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

With market forces bringing the price down to its lowest ever, mouthpieces able to be purchased in bulk, the semiconducting sensor available online, and allowing for easy changeout at home, there is little wonder that the AL6000 is widely considered 2019’s best value digital breathalyser for personal use.

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