Presumptive Drug Test Kits

Presumptive Drug Test Kits

Presumptive Drug Test Kits are used by police and other law enforcement agencies around the world to help control the illegal use and distribution of drugs of abuse.

A drug identification test is also know as a presumptive test. In forensic science, this term refers to any test which is used to determine if a sample is, or is not, a certain substance. In the case of drugs, presumptive drug test kits are used to determine if a sample of suspect material is, or is not, a certain drug.

Although presumptive drug test kits were originally designed for use by the police, they are becoming more used in civilian activity. Business owners and licensees of drinking establishments are using them now to test for any illegal activity that might be taking place on their premises. Concerned parents are also using the tests in situations where they suspect that their child is dabbling in illegal drugs.

How to use Presumptive Drug Test Kits

Presumptive Drug Testing Kits, in their current form, were first produced in the early 1990s by a company called MMC International who are based in the Netherlands. These new kits were immediately popular with enforcement agencies as they were easy to use and produced reliable results within minutes.

Today, MMC Drug Identification Tests are supplied in hermetically-sealed, pre-scored glass test ampoules. Each ampoule contains specially treated crystals which are impregnated with high quality reagents that have been treated with a high purity nitrogen gas.

The test itself is easy and simple to carry out with results being available to see within minutes. A small sample of the suspect material is added to the liquid in the ampoule. When mixed, a colour change indicates if the drug that is being tested for is present in the sample.

The colour of the test result varies depending on the drug being tested for. The bright colours that indicate a positive test remain visible for some time allowing the used tests to be presented in court as evidence should the need arise. The amount of time in which the colour of the result is retained is very much dependent on the amount and purity of the drug sample.

Because the drug identification tests do not contain an hazardous chemicals, they can be disposed of easily after use by simply putting the used ampoule into normal rubbish.

Which Drugs Can Be Detected by a Presumptive Drug Test?

MMC produce a wide range of presumptive drug test kits that cover the whole range of illegal drugs of abuse. Some of the drug test kits just screen for individual drugs, others can be used to detect a number of similar or related drugs.



Cannabis is the most used of the illegal drugs of abuse available in the UK, US and Europe, so you will not be surprised to know that it is also the most widely used of all presumptive drug test kits.

The drug identification test for Cannabis is slightly different to many of the MMC test in that it has a catalyst grain within the plastic lid of the glass ampoule bottle. This catalyst grain should be mise in the drug reagent with the suspect sample at the time of testing.

If Cannabis is detected by this test, the reagent will turn a red colour within 1-5 minutes of the test being carried out.

Spice (Synthetic Cannabinoids)


The use of so-called “legal highs” is a growing problem in this country. Spice is a man-made type of cannabis that is growing in popularity and usage. For this reason it is also a drug that is being commonly confiscated or found for identification.

There are many chemical variants of spice but most of them can be detected using a Synthetic Cannabinoids Test. This drug identification test for spice can identify common variants of the spice drug including, JWH-018, JWH-073 and JWH-081.

Depending on which variation of Spice has been found, the colour of the reagent will change on a positive result, from yellow to grey, depending on the strain.

These presumptive drug test kits are often used in conjunction with a cannabis identification test. If the cannabis test is negative, there is a good chance that the suspect material is actually spice, so the Synthetic Cannabinoids test is then used to confirm.

MCat / Mephedrone (Synthetic Cathinones)


Another drug that is commonly required to be identified is MCat, otherwise known as Mephedrone or Bath Salts. This presumptive drug test kit identifies three types of synthetic cathinone in one test – mephedrone, methylone and MDPV.

Party Drugs Test Kit

This test Party Drugs is one of the most versatile presumptive drugs test kits as it tests for eight of the most commonly used recreational drugs in one test kit, including Amphetamines, Cocaine and Heroin.  Once a positive test is detected by this test, the result can then be confirmed by using a more specialist presumptive drug test kit for that specific drug. At Zoom Testing we offer a wide range of these kinds of test including tests for Amphetamines, Heroin and Meth and Ecstasy.


Cocaine Swab Test

Cocaine is one of the drugs that we are most asked to test for. Because of this we offer two useful tests that can detect cocaine and crack cocaine from a small amount of drug residue. Presumptive drug test kits for cocaine work in a similar way to the rest of the drug tests in the range, with a simple colour change to confirm a positive test result.

Alongside the presumptive drug test kits for cocaine we also offer a cocaine drug test wipe. This easy-to-use test is simply wiped along any surface that is suspected of having had cocaine on it. If cocaine is detected, the wipe will turn blue within seconds to confirm a positive result. This kind of test is especially useful for owners and managers of licensed drinking establishments who face large fines if cocaine is found to be being used in their bar or pub.

Where to buy Presumptive Drug Test Kits

At Zoom Testing we offer a wide range of presumptive drug test kits. In this article we have explained how some of the more popular ones work.

As a company we are experienced in supplying these types of tests to establishments such as UK Prisons, where drug identification is an ongoing challenge.  So, if you a looking for a supplier of drug identification tests, or just want to find out more about drug testing in general, please contact us. Let our experience be of benefit to you!