Drug Swab Test Kits

Why use a drug swab test kit?

Traditional ‘drug wipes’ and home drug tests only test for certain drugs. Our drug swab test kits are analysed in the lab and test for all controlled substances, with accurate and reliable results.

The drug swab test kit is easy to use. Simply swab the surface where you suspect drugs may be present and return the swab to our lab. We will analyse the swabs for the presence of controlled substances and contact you with the results via phone, email or mail. Regular results are available within 5 business days. Fast Tracked results will be available within 24 hours from the time swabs are received by the laboratory.

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced tools able to detect minute amounts of cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, heroin, and prescription drugs, along with less commonly abused substances.

Because there is no need to obtain samples of urine, saliva or hair, this test can be conducted in confidence, without the knowledge of employees or the need to notify authorities. The tests identify the presence of drugs, but without linking them to a specific person. The drug swab test does not prove that drugs have been used, simply that drugs have been in contact with the surface tested.

These drug swab tests are great for:

  • Parents who want to make sure drugs are not being used in the home
  • Checking for drug use in schools
  • Checking public areas, especially in pubs and clubs to identify potential locations of drug use
  • Landlords and owners of storage units to protect their property
  • Monitoring jails, prisons, rehab centres and halfway houses to determine the effectiveness of drug prevention methods


Drug swab tests are not intended for use on people or animals. Use swabs on surfaces only. Analysis results are strictly informational and not intended for use as evidence. The buyer of the drug swab test kit is solely responsible for properly obtaining samples and the company is not liable for improper use of the swabs.

To order s drug swab test kit, please go to the drug swab test kit order page.