Police Seize Edible Cannabis Disguised as Christmas Chocolates

Police Seize Edible Cannabis Disguised as Christmas Chocolates

Police in Yorkshire have seized edible cannabis packaged as Christmas chocolates from drug dealers. The laced sweets were mocked up to resemble famous brands such as Quality Street, Celebrations, Aero Minis, and other festive chocolate treats.

The edible cannabis products were packed in similar, bright coloured packaging to real chocolates but were instead called by names such as ‘Quality Heat’, ‘Calibrations’ and ‘Ammo Minis.’

Police officers from West Yorkshire discovered the drugs while searching a vehicle on December 17. There was a summons issued for drug possession against the driver of the vehicle.

According to a spokesperson for West Yorkshire police, people should be cautious when they see these products. There is the possibility that these items contain dangerous amounts of THC, and sometimes people do not realize how dangerous they can be.

West Yorkshire police seized £300,000 worth of edible cannabis shaped like children’s favorites like Dairy Milk and Milky Bars earlier this year.

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This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated since.

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