Workers at hazardous nuclear waste site test positive for drugs

Nuclear Waste Workers Tested Positive for Drugs

A total of seven workers have tested positive for drugs over the past year at the Sellafield nuclear waste site. At the Cumbrian facility, where spent nuclear fuel from Britain’s reactors is managed, three workers have tested positive for alcohol, raising concerns about safety.

Between November 2021 and November 2022, 741 workers were randomly tested and four of them tested positive for drugs and one tested positive for alcohol. A number of workers were subjected to “for cause” testing during the same period as they were suspected of being impaired.

These figures were reported by the Daily Telegraph, following a Freedom of Information request. It was not disclosed what action had been taken against those who tested positive.

Among the most hazardous nuclear sites in the world, Sellafield handles more radioactive material per square meter than any other European site, according to the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

There are approximately 11,000 employees working at Sellafield Ltd, which is a government-owned company. There are also about 6,000 contractors working on the site, handling waste fuel and removing waste fuel rod casings that were stored for decades in Magnox’s Swarf Storage Silo.

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