Nicotine and Tobacco Testing Kits

Testing kits for smoking and tobacco based products are often used by employers and insurance companies to gain an accurate assessment of a person’s health risks.  Tobacco and nicotine products are not only hazardous to the person using them, but to anyone who is exposed to their second-hand smoke.

Why Insurance Companies Test For Nicotine

Many insurance companies request their potential clients to undergo a physical assessment before accepting them for coverage.  While health insurance companies are a likely to perform this testing, life insurance companies will without a doubt.  Life insurance companies will perform either blood or urine nicotine test and if you test positive you will be subjected to higher insurance premiums.  This is due to the fact that smoking identifies you as a high risk for health problems and disease related to your smoking which will likely cost you more to obtain both the health and life insurance coverage you desire.

Why Employers Test for Nicotine

It is your right as an adult to choose to smoke and your employer may not discriminate against you for being a smoker, however they are able to test you to calculate your monthly health insurance premiums.  Many companies require their employees who smoke and use nicotine to pay more for their health insurance premiums than non-smokers.  This is because many companies feel it is unfair for non-smokers to pay the same premiums as smokers.

How is Nicotine and Tobacco Testing Performed?

Urine and blood testing are the most popular methods used to test for tobacco levels.  Home nicotine test can be purchased online to test for nicotine in urine.  These tests deliver a fast response and have accuracy levels that are comparable to those of lab testing.

There are many scenarios in which home nicotine testing comes in handy.  If you are a parent who is concerned that your child is smoking you can easily identify their unhealthy habit with a home nicotine test.  The sooner you identify their habit, the sooner you can attempt to resolve their unhealthy behaviour.

Insurance companies often use these quick lab-free tests to help determine their separate rates for smokers and non-smokers.  The same is true for employers who use these quick result nicotine test kits.

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