Is Spice Legal?

is spice a legal drug ?

What is Spice?

Spice is the brand name of herbal mixtures intended to be smoked. Spice can be found on the internet and in specialist smoke shops in areas where it can be legally sold. Spice and similar products are a type of drug known as synthetic cannabinoids. Spice first came on the scene just after the turn of the century, and several manufacturers made many competing drugs, including K2, another brand of synthetic cannabis.

Most of these mind-altering synthetic drugs usually start with herbs or other plant materials coloured olive-green, that are sprayed with synthetic THC, the compound in cannabis that causes the high. Some of these synthetic compounds are more potent, some significantly more potent, than natural THC. Also, these products are unregulated, making it not only impossible to know exactly what is in a given drug, but impossible to know just how potent a given product will be. This is true of all synthetic cannabis drugs, making them all incredibly dangerous.

The Law Regarding Synthetic Cannabinoids

Most synthetic THC formulas, along with any mixtures that contain them, are categorized as Class B drugs, meaning that they are illegal to possess, sell or give away. While there are synthetic THC formulas that can be legally possessed, it’s impossible to know whether the formula used in a given product is legal. So although there are smokable mixtures that are technically legal, it’s impossible to know for sure whether this is true of a particular product.

Possessing banned synthetic cannabinoids carries a possible five years in prison and/or fine.

Distributing synthetic cannabinoids carries a possible 14 years in prison and/or fine.

What If You’re Caught?

If you are caught with banned synthetic cannabinoids by police, some action will be taken. This could range from formal caution, to arrest and prosecution.
Drug-related convictions have serious long-term impact. You may not be able to travel to certain countries or hold certain jobs. It may even disqualify you for obtaining certain student aid.

Did You Know?

Driving under the influence of drugs is just as bad as driving when drunk and carries very similar penalties. Using some drugs, especially if you stay up all night, can impair you well into the next day. Getting caught driving under the influence of drugs can result in stiff fines, suspension or revocation of your license and possibly even prison time.

Allowing someone else to use drugs on your property is illegal and, as the property owner, you can be held liable and prosecuted if the police catch others using drugs in your home or business.

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