Does Spice Show up on a Drug Test?

Does Spice Show up on a Drug Test?

What is Spice?

There are a wide variety of herbal mixtures that fall under the brand name of “Spice.” These are sold online, as well as in specialized stores across the globe. Spice and similar materials are drugs that fall under the category of synthetic cannabinoids.

The Spice brand has been readily available since about 2000, with the popularity of the brand leading to other manufacturers getting in on the act. K2 is another common brand that is also a form of synthetic cannabis.

THC, which is the active ingredient in cannabis, is usually sprayed on the herbs and plant materials that are used to create Spice and similar brands. While it’s a synthetic analog of THC that is used, what often happens is that the end result is far more potent, especially since the drugs are unregulated in many parts of the globe at this time. This makes it impossible for the user to know what they are really getting, which means that Spice, K2, and all the others may well come with some potential dangers. People are essentially taking drugs and chemicals that they know nothing about.

Will Spice use appear on a drug test?

Yes, a urine sample may well show traces of Spice.  However, drug tests for Spice are not that common.The Zoom Testing Urine Drug Test for Spice is one of the few single drug tests for spice on the market today.

That said, the standard drug tests that are commonly administered will not pick up on Spice. This is because, despite the similarity, the synthetic substances used will not show up on tests designed for cannabis (THC). Tests given for pre-employment drug screens usually don’t include specific tests for synthetic cannabis such as Spice. It is the high cost of urine tests for Spice that keeps them from being regularly used.

Our new 10 Panel Drug Test (Type X) is one of the few pre-employment drug tests that includes Spice as one of the drugs it screens for.

Why would anyone order a test for Spice?

What most people aren’t aware of is that many of the ingredients used in Spice are in fact illegal to own or use in the UK. Some of the more popular synthetic cannabinoids fall into the Class B controlled substances category, which is where cannabis sits. The reason they are there is because so little is still known about the dangers of synthetics. As such, a test for Spice may be called for when applying for a job or going into the military. While this may seem a little harsh to some, it’s worth remembering that it is possible to die from the use of synthetic drugs, which may well make these sort of tests a life saver.

Testing positive for Spice

Special urine tests are what is used to test for Spice at this time. These types of tests are not commonly included as part of a pre-employment drug screen, but they can be ordered if the employer suspects that synthetics may be used by a current employee or someone they are considering hiring.

A positive test for Spice may very well end in arrest due to the illegal nature of the drug in the UK. It will also likely lead to you being fired from your job. Members of the military who test positive for Spice may see themselves stripped of their rank or dismissed from duty immediately.

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