Coronavirus and Drugs

Coronavirus and Drugs

For all of us, keeping safe during the Coronavirus outbreak is really important. That’s why we should all heed the official advice coming from the UK government. We should not attempt to meet up with people we know, who we don’t live with. This simple action will saves lives. Keeping in touch with friends is easy on the phone or online, you don’t have to meet up and put people at risk.

Those people who are staying at home during this crisis might find that they drink or take drugs less than if they were with friends. However, if they are still using drugs in a group, they need to be extra vigilant. Coronavirus spreads easily so you need to make sure that you don’t share drinks or smoke from the same joint. Similarly, bongs, pipes and vapes should never be shared, in order to reduce the risk of transmission. Even snorting drugs through a rolled up banknote has risks, and should be avoided.

Drinking in excess will affect your judgement and can cause you to do risky things that you might not do if you were sober.

If you are stressed or concerned because of what’s happening in the world now, you might turn to drink or drugs to make yourself feel better. This is not a great idea though. You may end up feeling worse, possibly damaging both your mental and physical health.

Taking drugs when you are on your own is also risky, particularly drugs such as codeine and tramadol. If you overdose on any of these drugs you won’t have anybody to help you. Also, when dealers can’t get hold of drugs due to shortages, they may give you something totally different and potentially more dangerous than what you were expecting.

If you need some friendly and confidential advice about drugs, you should Talk To Frank. Call FRANK 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0300 123 6600.

Photo by Kay Lau on Unsplash