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Drug Driving Tests for Taxi Drivers in Liverpool approved

In Liverpool, drug driving tests for taxi drivers are set to be introduced. This follows a decision made by the city’s licensing committee.

The council made the decision to bring in random drug testing in order to ensure public safety in Liverpool. This is in light of statistics which show that 114 city cab drivers were arrested on suspicion of drug-driving in the 12 months between May 2018 and May 2019.

A spokesman for Liverpool City Council confirmed that random drug testing would start before Christmas 2019. From then on, licensed drivers of city cabs would be chosen at random to take drug tests. Refusal to take the test would result in the drivers licence being revoked.

For some drivers, this move was seen as overdue and was generally welcomed as it would help reassure the public after a difficult year.

Drug Driving was made an offence in England in March 2015. Since then, Scotland has followed suit and introduced drug driving laws in 2019. Both sets of laws are broadly similar in the type and scope of the drugs they screen for.

The penalties for drug driving are harsh. Those found guilty will lose their cab license and thus their livelihood. Drug drivers also risk a driving ban for at least 1 year and a maximum £5,000 fine. They may also receive a criminal record

Home Drug Driving Test for Taxi Drivers

A home drug driving test can help to show if a driver is fit to take charge of a vehicle. This kind of behaviour is certainly not encouraged. A drug testing kit should not serve as a way of clearing a driver to use a vehicle after using drugs shortly before.

A 7 panel roadside drug testing kit is the most used in the UK to determine if an employer has a problem with staff using drugs outside of their day job. This type of test will check saliva for Amphetamines (Speed), Benzoylecgonine (the metabolite which your body breaks Cocaine down into), Cannabis, Ecstasy (MDMA),  Heroin, Ketamine, LSD, Methamphetamine and Valium.

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