Disposable Breathalyser Kits Review

Our Disposable Breathalyser Kits Review will consider the range of Mission disposable breathalyser kits, which are currently supplied in 3 different cut-off levels.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the content of alcohol in blood. For purposes of law enforcement, BAC is used to determine intoxication and gives a rough measure of impairment. (For more information on BAC please read our article, What Is Blood Alcohol Concentration?)

0.02% Disposable Breathalyser Kits Review

The 0.02% (BAC) disposable breathalyser test should be used if you are looking for a ZERO tolerance to alcohol. A BAC of 0.02% means 0.02 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of individual’s blood, or 0.2 grams of alcohol per 1000 grams of blood. 0.02% driving level cut off in certain European countries including Norway, Sweden and Russia.

0.05% Disposable Breathalyser Kits Review

Impairment usually occur once an individual’s BAC level reaches 0.05%. This level is the EU driving level cut off for most, although not all EU countries, including France and Germany. Scotland recently reduced its driving level cut-off from 0.08% to 0.05%.

0.08% Disposable Breathalyser Kits Review

0.08% is the driving level cut-off in England and Wales. The 0.08% (BAC) disposable breathalyser test detects at the level at which the Police SHOULD confirm a positive. (Driving Ban Level)

How to Use a Disposable Breathalyser Kit

Using a disposable breathalyser kits is very easy.  Each test is supplied in a foil pouch that should be opened when the test is needed. Comprehensive instructions are included with the test kit but the actual procedure of using the test is very easy.

To begin, simply take one of the breathalyser tubes out of its sealed pouch when you are ready to start testing. The central section of the tube should then be squeezed to release the chemicals inside the crystal tube.  The crystals are a golden, yellow colour. Take a good breath and then blow into the tube for 12 seconds.

Wait for two minutes before attempting to read the result of the test. At this point a positive alcohol test will result in the crystals changing colour from  yellow to a light green/grey or blue/grey colour. The colour will be distinct enough to tell it apart from the original yellow colour, although it will not be a strong, dark colour. If the test for alcohol is negative, the colour of the crystals will remain yellow.

No colour chart is provided with the kit but the colour change should be distinctive enough to ascertain without one. If you would like to compare the colour of the test after use, you might want to use an unused  test tube for comparison. However, if you are using these test on a regular basis, you should not need to do this.

Disposable Breathalyser Kit Features

Some of the features of the test that we liked:

  • the tests are so small they can be carried easily in your pocket or a bag
  • tests are very simple to use
  • results can be quickly determined and are very accurate
  • tests can be safely and easily disposed of after use