Anti-Cocaine Spray Proving Successful

Anti-Cocaine Spray Proving Successful

An Anti-Cocaine Spray, which cause the drug to stick to any surface it is prepared on, is proving to be a big success in a trial being run by County Durham police. The spray, known as BlokIt has been developed by a company called Millwood Manufacturing in a bit to reduce the use of cocaine in public places.

BlokIt is a clear spray that can be applied to any surface. Once drugs come into contact with a the liquid, they then swell and become stuck to the surface they are resting on. Also, the inclusion of a bittering agent in the spray makes any drugs that are ingested taste bad, leaving a disgusting aftertaste that can last for hours.

Durham Constabulary is trialling the spray in 24 licensed premises in the town of Darlington. Nationwide, the liquid is currently being used in over 600 licensed premises across the country. Many of these pubs and clubs have seen an 80% reduction of drug-taking on their premises after bringing the spray in.

Cocaine use in rife in the UK and products such as BlokIt are certainly helping to stop drug use in bars and pubs. Another highly useful product for any owner or manager of licensed premises, are cocaine surface wipes. These handy items are a bit like wet wipes in appearance and are used to swipe over a surface to detect signs of cocaine use. If the drug is found on the surface, the wipe will turn blue within seconds to confirm the presence of the drug.

Cocaine drug sweeps can be used in many places. Zoom Testing has supplied wipes to authorities for use in many types of public places. As well as the obvious pubs and clubs, libraries, bus stations, school, hotels and gymnasiums have all used wipes to determine if their premises were being used for recreational drug use.

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This post was originally published in October 2021.

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