AL6000 Breathalyser Review

A consistently popular breathalyser for personal use, the AL6000 has an ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip that makes it easy to use without slipping straight through your fingers.  What sets the AL6000 apart from its competitors is that, unlike similar personal breathalysers on the market, it does not require regular calibration.  While other breathalysers need to be sent off for several days at a time every year, leaving you without your breathalyser and no way of testing if you are fit to drive, the AL6000 features a replaceable sensor that can be ordered in advance online and swapped out easily at home.

  • The AL6000 reads in Mg per Litre of breath and displays measurements up to 2.00Mg/l.
  • English and Welsh Limit: 0.35Mg/L Scottish limit: 0.22 Mg/L
  • 12 month warranty
  • CE approval
  • FDA approved
  • RoHS Compliant
  • DOT Alcohol Screening Device

How do I test my fitness to drive using the AL6000 breathalyser?

Performing a breath test is surprisingly simple.  Press the on/off button to turn the breathalyser on, then watch the countdown on the screen while the sensor is warmed to its optimal temperature.  While you’re waiting, insert the mouthpiece at its narrow end into the breathalyser’s opening.  You’ll find the mouthpiece sits securely within the breathalyser, so it won’t slip or fall out while you’re providing a sample.

Now it’s time to provide your breath sample.  With one continuous breath, blow into the mouthpiece.  The breathalyser will emit a long, low beeping sound while you blow, so you know it’s registering your sample.  When the test is complete, you will hear two short beeps and your results will immediately be displayed on the inbuilt screen.

Using these results, you can quickly determine whether you are safely within the legal limit and permitted to drive.  Keep in mind, however, that the only truly safe alcohol level to drive at is zero.

Easily replaceable semiconductor sensor

The way breathalysers work is that a semiconductor sensor within the unit converts any alcohol in your breath into an electrical charge which can then be interpreted and read as an alcohol reading.  In order to operate efficiently, these sensors need to be replaced roughly every 12 months.

But unlike other breathalysers on the market, the AL6000 does not need to be sent away every year in order for the sensor to be replaced.  By simply ordering a replacement semiconductor sensor, you can change the sensor yourself roughly every year or after 200 tests.  Performing your own sensor replacements will give you the confidence you need to know that you are receiving optimal levels of accuracy from your AL6000 breathalyser.

The AL6000 has been designed in such a way that performing at home sensor replacements provides all the benefits of sending your breathalyser back to the manufacturer for a full calibration.

AL6000 Mouthpieces

Your new AL6000 breathalyser comes complete with a set of five mouthpieces.  Mouthpieces are essential to the proper use of a breathalyser, allowing for a steady flow of breath to be transmitted into the unit and directing the content of the breath over the sensor in such a way as to produce a consistently accurate result.  The AL6000 also features an exhaust system, allowing for excess breath to leave the breathalyser unit without compromising the accuracy of the reading.

Audible warnings and the LED screen

Most breathalysers provide either an audible warning or an LED screen readout, but the AL6000 is unique in that it provides both.  Following a breath analysis test, your results will be shown on the LED screen and an indicator light showing either red, amber, or green will be displayed for easy reference directly underneath the screen.

Additional features

The AL6000 features a convenient test counter showing how many tests you have completed with the unit.  This feature helps you to determine when you need to change the sensor, since a new sensor should be used roughly every 200 tests.

The AL6000 also features a handy automatic power-off feature, whereby it will turn itself off after a short period of inactivity.

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