7 Things You Need to Know About Cannabis

How Well Do You Know Cannabis?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding cannabis. How well do you know cannabis?

True or False – Cannabis is natural, so it’s safe.

How about a nice cocktail of cyanide and deadly nightshade? No? How about poison ivy? Many people believe that because cannabis is natural, that makes it safe. They forget that there are a lot of natural substances, including those mentioned above that can be harmful. It’s true that cannabis can help you relax, but it can also cause you to feel paranoid and isolate yourself. It can also zap your motivation, which can put a damper on your hobbies and school work.

True or False – Everyone smokes it!

Not so. A survey conducted in 2012 revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 kids under 15 had never smoked it. Even among high school kids, less than 25% admitted to using it, according to a 2013 study conducted by the National Institute for Drug Abuse.

True or False – Cannabis is good for you!

Sure, it feels good. Using it makes you feel relaxed and happy. It can also make you feel anxious and paranoid. Using cannabis as a teenager can permanently lower your IQ and it can also cause some very serious mental health issues.

True or False – Tobacco is worse than cannabis.

Smoke can damage your lungs, regardless of whether it comes from tobacco, cannabis or anything else. In addition, tobacco isn’t linked to paranoia and long term mental illness like cannabis has been.

How long can cannabis be detected in urine?

THC, the active compound in cannabis that urine drug tests look for, is fat-soluble. This means it is stored in the body’s fat cells, then released slowly into the bloodstream to be filtered by the kidneys. In occasional users, THC is detectable for as long as ten days. For regular or heavy users, THC builds up in the fat cells faster than it can be released and filtered. This means it can be detected for several weeks, and can take as long as three months to fully leave the body.

True or False – THC cannot be detected if you’ve only used cannabis once.

False. If you smoke enough to feel the effects, the THC will be detectable in the urine for at least a couple of days. Even if you don’t smoke it, but you’re around it enough to get what’s called a ‘contact high’, it is in your system and can be detected.

So now you understand how harmful cannabis can be. What can you do if you are concerned about a friend or family member that is using cannabis? First, talk to them. Explain to them that you are concerned about their use and how you feel about it. Direct them to local and online services that offer help and support for people that use cannabis. Visit this resources yourself, they often offer support for those affected by cannabis use.

Cannabis Now Twice As Strong As A Decade Ago

A study looked at the strength of street cannabis in Europe over a period of eleven years. What concerned scientists was the increase in THC levels. In 2006 the levels of THC in cannabis were about 5%. The same drug over a decade later had THC levels of 17%!

The amount of the THC in Cannabis that’s been linked to doctors. Levels of CBD in the plant help to reduce the negative impact of THC on health. However, the study found that whilst the THC in the newer strains of Cannabis had risen dramatically, levels of CBD had not kept pace. This meant that users were more likely to fall victim to mental illness because of cannabis use.


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