What Is Oral Fluid Drug Testing

What Is Oral Fluid Drug Testing?

Drug testing is an important tool used for health, safety and security reasons. Traditionally, testing has relied on collecting samples like urine, hair or blood. These days, saliva drug testing offers an easier alternative with many benefits.

How Does Oral Fluid Testing Work?

Oral fluid comes from mouth glands surrounded by tiny blood vessels. This allows blood components like proteins and enzymes to enter saliva. Studies show traces of drugs appear in saliva right after use, remaining detectable for up to 48 hours. Testing oral fluid for drugs or alcohol is quick and effective.

To perform the test, a collector places an absorbent swab directly into the mouth. The sample is screened in a lab for drugs and metabolites. Common panels test for THC, cocaine, PCP, opiates, methamphetamines and amphetamines. Larger panels can also screen for oxycodone, benzodiazepines, methadone and barbiturates.

Why Is Oral Fluid Testing More Sensitive?

Oral fluid can detect most illicit drugs for 24-48 hours. This window is similar to urine testing but has the benefit of immediacy. Some drugs become detectable in as little as 30-60 minutes after use. This makes oral testing ideal for post-accident or reasonable suspicion situations.

What Are The Benefits of Oral Testing?

Oral fluid collection is easy to perform, administer and directly observe. Testing can be done right at a workplace by any personnel. Direct observation reduces the chance of a donor altering their sample.

Oral fluid tests like those from Zoom Testing are accurate and simple to administer for reliable results. They offer test panels to screen for whatever substances you need. Zoom Testing provides bulk discounts for large practices and great customer support. Zoom Testing offers a wide range of oral fluid drug tests, starting at the 3 panel saliva drug test, going up to the comprehensive 13 panel oral fluid drug test.

In summary, oral fluid drug testing is a fast, effective method that is easier to administer than urine or blood tests. It offers sensitive detection windows and the benefit of direct observation. As workplaces and clinics adopt this newer technique, oral fluid testing is sure to keep growing in popularity.

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