UK Drug Testing News | 28th October 2022

Listed below are some of this week’s most interesting news stories and articles about drugs and drug testing, from around the UK and Europe. As always, Zoom Testing is here to help you, your family, or your organisation if you have questions about drugs. Get in touch with us if you need any drug testing services.


UK Drug Testing News

Germany Plans to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

The German government plans to legalise recreational cannabis in the near future. The possession of up to 30g (1oz) would be permitted for personal use. It would be sold in licensed shops and pharmacies.

The German parliament has yet to approve the plan. It has been approved in principle by Karl Lauterbach, the Health Minister of the European Commission. It is possible that the plan will become law in 2024. To date, Malta is the only EU country to have legalised recreational cannabis. Cannabis is allowed for sale in coffee shops in the Netherlands in small quantities.

Other Articles about Cannabis and Cannabis Drug Testing:

Hundreds of cannabis plants found above shop
A “dangerous” cannabis factory with almost 500 plants inside has been uncovered above a shop in a Nottinghamshire high street | BBC, UK

Bristol cannabis factory worth £3.5m discovered by police
Officers discovered a cannabis factory inside an industrial unit near Burcott Road in Avonmouth on 17 October | BBC, UK

Three men plead guilty after police find Southampton cannabis factory
Three men have pleaded guilty to drug production after police found thousands of cannabis plants in a warehouse | BBC, UK


What Types of Cocaine Are There? - Zoom Testing

Europol Says a “Wave of Cocaine” Has Hit Europe

With organised crime networks becoming more connected and violent, the law enforcement agency admits the problem is worse than it first thought.

A group of justice ministers from six western European countries met last week in Amsterdam to discuss securing entry points such as harbours amid a dramatic rise in drug trafficking.

There have been record seizures of cocaine in western Europe every year for the past four years, with 240 tonnes seized in 2021. This means that there is a lot of cocaine on the market!

Government officials have agreed to strengthen relations with Latin-American partners, including Peru and Colombia, where the UN says there has been a significant growth in coca leaf plantations since 2020.

Colombia produces the most cocaine in the world, much of which is exported to Europe and the United States.

Other Articles about Cocaine and Cocaine Drug Testing:

Cocaine Abuse Among the Elderly Is Increasing
In the UK, the number of elderly patients being hospitalised for cocaine abuse is at an all-time high. Cocaine abuse is largely associated with younger generations, but older generations are increasingly suffering mental and physical side effects from this class A drug | Zoom Testing, UK


MP's Want to Raise the Legal Smoking Age to 21

Pregnant Women to Be Handed Free Vapes by London Council

A south London council is giving away free vapes to pregnant women in order to prevent them from spending money on cigarettes. It is estimated that Lambeth Council’s “stop smoking” service will save parents £2,000 a year – money they would otherwise spend on tobacco.

The National Health Service said there has been scant research into the safety of e-cigarettes during pregnancy, and patches and gum are preferred instead. According to the council, e-cigarettes can help women quit smoking.

Over 3,000 households in Lambeth are estimated to be living below the poverty line due to smoking, many of whom have children.

Other Articles about Smoking and Vaping:

Should disposable vapes be banned?
Walk down the street, and you will probably spot finger-sized colourful plastic tubes discarded on the ground | BBC, UK

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