Scottish Government Calls for Legal Drug Use

Scottish Government Calls for Legal Drug Use

Officials from the Scottish government are advocating for the legalisation of personal use of drugs. They are asking for  the UK government to amend the legislation so that drug users can receive help and treatment as opposed to being charged with a crime. Even though Westminster is solely responsible for drug laws, the Scottish government is in charge of social and health policy pertaining to drug use. The addition of supervised drug use facilities, substance testing services, and improved accessibility to emergency drug overdose treatments are all included in the planned modifications.

Elena Whitham, Scotland’s Minister for Drug Policy, declared that the “war on drugs has failed” and emphasised that criminalising drug use simply makes the ills connected to it worse. She made the case that the current drug prohibitions do not decrease drug usage or drug-related deaths, but rather increase harm. The Scottish National Party (SNP) backed the decriminalisation of drug possession and use at their party convention four years ago, and their current campaign for drug decriminalisation is consistent with that position.

However, the UK government, more specifically the Home Office, has stated that decriminalising drug possession and creating drug consumption rooms are things that they are against. According to the Home Office, there are no intentions to soften its strict position against drugs. The Scottish government’s suggestion is made in light of the fact that, despite a minor decline in drug-related deaths last year, Scotland still has the highest drug death rate in all of Europe.

In the past, attempts to build drug consumption rooms in Scotland have run against resistance. The Scottish government supports these facilities, according to campaigners, which offer drug users a secure and monitored area to inject drugs. The UK authorities, citing worries about possible connected crimes, blocked proposals to open consumption rooms in Glasgow.

A ruling by the Lord Advocate in 2021 allowed Scottish authorities to issue police warnings rather than criminal charges to those who were found in possession of Class A substances. Despite the fact that drug dealing is still illegal, this action was seen by critics as a de facto decriminalisation.

Several parties have voiced opposition to the Scottish government’s plan to decriminalise drug possession. According to the UK Conservative Party, taking such action would be foolish, increase the amount of drugs available on the streets, and put more lives in danger. The notion was also rejected by the Labour Party, with the shadow chancellor saying it conflicts with their stance.

Despite the criticism, the report from the Scottish government was warmly welcomed by ten prominent drug charities. They emphasised the essential necessity for drug testing facilities and consumption rooms.

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