Opiates / Amphetamines Identification Test


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A combined drug identification test that can be used to identify both Opiates and Amphetamines. If a suspect sample needs to be identified, this presumptive drug test will indicate if the sample found is an Opiate (eg: Heroin or Morphine) or Amphetamine (eg: Speed).

This identification test is manufactured by MMC International, leaders in presumptive drug test manufacture and innovation.

Using the kit is simple. To start, place a small sample of the suspect material into one of the glass ampoule in which a special drug reagent is housed. Within  seconds the reagent will react with the sample and a colour change will indicate if  suspect drug has been found.

In the case of this test, a colour change of the liquid to brown will indicate that Amphetamines are present in the sample. A purple colour indicates the presence of Opiates. Once used, the test can be kept as evidence or thrown away in normal rubbish (The drug test does not contain any dangerous chemicals so this is not a problem!)

Some of the main features of this test kit:

    • Easy to administer one step test.
    • Safe to use – no hazardous chemicals are contained in the ampoules
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Clear results  can be seen within seconds
    • Reliable test results that are accurate and sensitive

This combined drug identification tests is simple to use and comes with easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions.


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