Does Spice Show up on a Drug Test?

New Urine Drug Test for Spice

As part of our continued effort to offer one of the widest ranges of drug test kits in the UK, we are pleased to announce our new urine drug test kit for Spice (K2).

Many of our customers have requested a single drug test kit for Spice, as the drug is not normally included on most multi drug test kits which focus on the drugs of abuse that are more traditionally used for recreational purposes.  The rapid rise in use of synthetic marijuana (spice) in recent years means that workplace drug testing for spice is a must for any HR department that considers drug use in the workplace to be a safety concern.

The new single drug test sits nicely alongside out first drug test for spice which tested for synthetic cannabis as well as regular cannabis (THC) in a combined, two-drug test kit.

Both the single drug test kit for spice and the two drug test kit for spice and cannabis are available from stock now.