How Can I Pass a Urine Drug Test?

How Can I Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Apart from not using drugs, the only guaranteed way of passing a drugs tests (i.e.: to test as negative) is to ensure that your body has metabolised all of the drug, or drugs, that you have been using.

What does a negative drugs test mean?

To pass a drugs test you will need to get a negative test result. A negative test could mean any of these things:

  • you haven’t used the drug that is being tested for
  • you may have used the drug being tested for, but your system has metabolised all trace of the drug
  • you have taken the drug but the levels in your body are so low that they do not reach the cut-off level of the test

What is Urine Sample Adulteration?

The most common form of drug testing carried out in the workplace is urine drug test. This involves testing a sample of urine from the donor which is then screened for the presence of one or more drugs.

It is possible for the test to be tampered with at this stage. This is known as “urine sample adulteration”.

Sample adulteration is usually achieved in three ways:

  • Substitution – the donors urine sample is “swapped” for a clean sample of urine
  • Dilution – the urine sample is diluted in an attempt to produce false negative test result
  • Addition – masking agents are added to the sample to interfere with the screening test and/or destroy the drugs present in the urine

Can I Beat a Drugs Test by Using a Masking Agent?

Masking agents are substances that are taken to try and interfere or change the results of a drugs test. Many products can be found for sale on the internet that claim to “cleanse” your system so that you will pass a drugs test. However a lot of these products are unproven and cannot be relied upon to eliminate traces of drug use from your system.

Myths abound that various substances can mask or hide your drug use so that you will get a negative result. Aspirin, Bleach, Salt, Vinegar, Cranberry Juice and Goldenseal are just some of the substances suggested.

Can I pass a drugs test by drinking lots of water?

You may try and heat a drugs test by drinking lots of water but this may not work. There are ways of testing a urine drugs test for dilution and your results will be identified as having been tampered with.

Drinking too much water can actually make you quite ill. “water intoxication” or “water overdose” is something that happens when you body takes on more water than it can handle . Your kidneys will not be able to get rid of the water quickly enough and this may give you headaches, blurred vision, cramps and even convulsions.

Can I swap urine to beat a drugs test?

Swapping your urine for another person’s is also highly unlikely to work. When you take your drugs test you will be asked to enter a collection are, normally a toilet. Many of these areas have been adapted for the purpose of drug testing. A colouring agent will have been added to the water in the toilet bowl and taps will have been turned off.

You may be searched before giving your sample to check for concealed adulterants. You may also be asked to wash your hands before entering the testing area, to reduce the chance of adulterants being smuggled into the area in the palm of your hand or even under fingernails.

Is there a guaranteed way to beat a urine drugs test?

The only guaranteed way to clean your body of all traces of a drug is to wait for your body to metabolise it. If you are going to be drug tested and you are worried, don’t use drugs.

If you want to check if you are clear of drugs before an upcoming drugs test, you can test yourself at home, Urine drugs tests are available for cannabis, cocaine, opiates and most other common drugs of abuse.

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