Home Office Backs New Drug Testing Scheme

People over the age of 18 can take in a drug sample to find out what’s in it

The Home Office supports a new plan that will permit users to analyse their drugs for their real contents.

The new drug testing scheme will let users 18 years and older come in to test a small portion of the drug and thousands of lives in the UK could be saved annually.

Expert medical professionals will do the analysis in around 10 minutes to find out what is in the drug and give advice to the users without fear of them being arrested.

Addaction, the drug, alcohol and mental health charity is performing the test in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire.

Drug Testing

It is a sensible approach to analyse the drug’s contents and if the user is aware of its exact make-up, they are able to make an informed decision about taking the drug.

The charity clearly stated that they are not condoning drug use in any way. Note that the person who brought in the sample will not get it back.

In 2017 in England and Wales, there were 3,756 deaths due to drug-poisoning as per the charity. They are hoping to reduce these numbers once the trial is successful and it is established nationwide.