Hallucinogens Discovered in Chocolate Sold at UK Market

Hallucinogens Discovered in Chocolate Sold at UK Market

Law enforcement officials in Mansfield, UK are currently investigating the discovery of hallucinogenic substances in chocolate bars sold on the Mansfield Market on Saturday. A few individuals reported becoming sick after consuming chocolates purchased from a specific stall. Analysis showed that small quantities of psilocin, from magic mushrooms, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), from cannabis, were present in some of the candy.

On November 25th, 2023, Nottinghamshire Police received multiple calls about people experiencing concerning symptoms of hallucinations and other indicators of intoxication after eating chocolates. The affected individuals had all bought various chocolate products from a stall at the popular outdoor Mansfield Market earlier that day. After interviewing witnesses and victims, officers quickly focused their investigation on the chocolates as the likely cause behind the unusual and dangerous medical incidents.

Working jointly with Mansfield District Council regulators and the national Food Standards Agency (FSA), police secured samples of the chocolates for scientific testing at forensic labs. Results confirmed that psilocin and THC were present in measurable amounts in a small subset of the chocolate inventory that was sold to the public. These two compounds can generate powerful mind-altering effects in humans. Psilocin is the primary hallucinogenic substance occurring naturally in certain mushroom species, while THC is the main psychoactive chemical responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis usage.

Authorities report that the adulterated candies seemed to originate from a single vendor at the market, though the contamination appeared limited to only a minor portion of their overall chocolate stock. None of the other market sellers reported any issues with their confectionary products. After the initial round of testing, no additional tainted chocolates have been identified by investigators. All of the victims who ate the spiked chocolate bars and subsequently endured intense visions, confusion, panic attacks, nausea have since completely recovered after receiving medical care.

As the inquiry continues, law enforcement is advising Mansfield residents who may still possess any questionable chocolates purchased at the market last weekend to turn them over immediately to the police or public health offices for further analysis. Officials have already arrested one suspect – a 63-year-old woman – in conjunction with the case. Charges are still pending based on the results of the ongoing forensic examinations and police interviews. Though authorities currently believe this was an isolated event involving a small amount of adulterated products, they are handling the situation as a priority public safety matter.

Residents are urged to check any unknown or suspicious candy they have obtained recently to identify potential risks before consuming. FSA representative Tina Potter cautions that chocolates either labelled as “Cali-Gold” or completely unbranded from the Mansfield Market should specifically not be eaten under any circumstances. Instead, officials ask with the public to submit samples of such products to the proper investigative bodies for testing.

Photo Credit: Nottinghamshire Police / Handout

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