Four types of Cannabis Drug Tests

Thanks to today’s screening technology, drug testing of cannabis users is much quicker, easier, dependable and inexpensive, and the results are lightning fast. In fact, the screening technology ensures that the most common techniques to cheat the drug test – dilution and sample swapping – are thwarted.

There are all kinds of drug tests that can determine if a person has cannabis in their system:

– Blood
– Hair
– Saliva
– Urine

Each testing method has its own way of identifying whether or not you have cannabis in your system as well as its own measure of precision. The most consistent and inexpensive drug testing option is the urine test. In fact, the test can determine if you smoked cannabis within the last 30 days.

The Difference In Hair, Saliva and Urine Samples In Cannabis Drug Testing Kits

If you want a cannabis drug testing kit, you’ll be delighted to know there are individual kits that can use either a saliva or urine sample. The test will provide immediate results and can determine if the use of cannabis is recent and how significant its use is. While both the saliva and urine tests are fairly accurate, the urine test is less costly than the saliva test. Our 7 drug Saliva Drug Test detects cannabis and six other drugs. It’s probably one of the best saliva drug tests on the market in the UK now.

On top of that, the saliva test can only detect cannabis for a short period of time after it’s been used – up to 24 hours after use. Remember, the urine cannabis test can detect the drug if it was used in the last 30 days.

Another worthwhile option in cannabis testing is the hair analysis. It can detect cannabis usage within the last 90 days because the residue entrenches itself in the hair. The results for this test can take between five and seven days. If you’re looking to find out if a person has smoked cannabis within the last three months, this is the test that can do it.

How To Carry Out The Urine Cannabis Drug Test

Now, how does the cannabis drug test work? All you do is pee in a cup and use a dropper to put several urine drops in to the testing well. After that, you just need to wait five minutes for the results. A negative result comes in the form of a line. No line means a person is positive for cannabis use.

What Factors Affect Cannabis Levels In The Body

Again, the urine test can detect cannabis for up to 30 days after its last use. So, if you use cannabis, you need to remember that is stays in the body much longer than any other drug. It’s possible that a sampling of cannabis won’t be measurable in a urine sample in roughly a week. However, this isn’t always the case.

There are several factors that affect the cannabis levels such as the body’s fat levels. The body stores cannabis in the fat cells, which means an obese person will have detectable levels of cannabis longer than a fit, muscular person.

What are the other factors that affect how long cannabis is detectable in the body? They include:

– Total body mass
– Regularity of cannabis use
– Length of time of cannabis use
– Cannabis strength (if high quantities of THC are found in the drug, the more powerful the drug)

Best Cannabis Drug Testing Kits

Cannabis Drug Test (THC)

Cannabis Drug Test (THC)

Cannabis Drug Tests Test Sensitivity is 50ng/mL Approx. detectable time:  7 – 30 Days All tests are CE Marked and FDA Approved Test has an accuracy level of 99% ... Read More

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3 Panel Drug Test Kit

3 Panel Drug Test

A fast and highly accurate 3 Panel Drug Test that screens for the presence of drugs in urine. This drug cassette will detect Amphetamines, Cannabis and Cocaine, with reliable results in just a few minutes ... Read More



Cannabis Drug Identification Test

10 Ampoule Pack ... Read More

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Spice Drug Test

Spice Drug Test

These urine drug test kits from Zoom Testing are designed to detect Synthetic Cannabis, commonly know as Spice or K2. The drug test is designed to be easy-to-use, and to give 99% reliable results in less than 5 minutes. Test in the convenience of your own home or office. Easy ... Read More

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