How to find a UK Drug Testing Company

Zoom Testing was established in 2010 and is a leading UK drug testing company, based in Nottinghamshire.  The business began as a response to the increased demand for drug testing in the workplace. Since this time, the company has focused on providing drug testing kits to organisations in both the private and public sectors. The company also supplies many individuals and businesses directly through its e-commerce website. The company is particularly strong in supplying drug testing kits to the public sector. It is a supplier to NHS Trusts, UK prisons, other charities and many non-profit organisations.

How to find a UK Drug Testing Company

For many, a google search is normally the first point of contact when looking to find a UK drug testing company. However, just choosing the first name that appears in the google listings as your supplier of drug testing kits can be a dangerous move. When drug testing at work, it is vital that the drug tests used are manufactured and stored to the highest standards and that the results are reliable. Failing a drugs test can often result in instant dismissal from a job, sometimes ending a persons career in their chosen profession. Therefore there should be no room for error or misinterpretation.

All drug testing kits supplied by Zoom Testing are designed to meet international standards of reliability and performance. We only partner with labs that can produce to the highest standards. We also make sure that tests are stored in ideal conditions and are supplied with long expiry dates.

Which Drug Tests Do They Offer?

A UK drug testing company will typically offer tests that can detect many of the most commonly used drugs of abuse such as cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine and opiates.  With the increase in usage of so-called “legal highs”, some companies may even offer tests that can detect these newer drugs. Spice, for examples, is a synthetic form of cannabis than can now be detected by a simple drug testing kit.

What Type of Drug Tests Do They Offer?

Drug testing at work normally relies on two types of tests: urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. Both types of tests offer results in minutes and, depending on your requirements, the choice of which type of test to use can vary. Here a drug testing company can help you decide which test is best for your needs by offering some simple and clear advice.

Drug tests can either be single or multi panel. A single drug test kit, simply detects just one type of drug. A multi-panel drug test kits is designed to detect a number of different drugs from just one sample of urine or saliva. Multi Panel drug test kits can detect up to 12 drugs at one time.

What Else Can a UK Drug Testing Company Do?

As well as offering free and impartial advice on drug testing in the workplace, businesses such as Zoom Testing can actually come into your workplace to test staff for drugs or to offer expertise in creating your own workplace drug screening program.

To find out more about how Zoom Testing can help your business move its drug testing policy forward, please send an email in the first instance outlining your requirements. Very quickly they will get back to you to suggest the next step.