Cannabis May Lead To Smoking Cigarettes

Cannabis May Lead Non-Smokers to Cigarettes

Ex-smokers who use cannabis are more prone to relapse, and existing smokers who smoke cannabis are not as likely to quit.

Although using cigarettes continues to be on the decrease, cannabis use is increasing and, disproportionately, Cannabis smokers also use cigarettes. A scientific study by Columbia University and the City University of New York show that cannabis smoking was linked to a higher initiation of smoking regular cigarettes among non-cigarette users. In addition, they discovered adults who are cigarette smokers and also smoke cannabis are not as likely to give up smoking cigarettes compared to individuals who do not smoke cannabis. Ex-smokers who smoke cannabis are also more prone to relapse to smoking cigarettes. Results are posted on the internet in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

So far, not much was understood about the connection between cannabis use and quitting smoking or relapse after a while in the overall adult populace.

The comparisons were determined by details and replies from 34,639 people to queries regarding cannabis use together with smoking status.

The research implies that smoking cannabis is linked to a greater likelihood of starting smoking, relapse, and continuation.

Previous analysis indicated that using cannabis by cigarette smokers had grown significantly in the last two decades to the level where cigarette smokers are over 5 times more likely than non-smokers to smoke cannabis every day.

The studies have been widely accepted. Building an improved comprehension of the connection between cannabis and cigarette smoking transitions is important and timely since smoking cigarettes is still the foremost avoidable reason for early loss of life and disease, and Cannabis smoking is increasing in the U.S as well as Europe.

Photo Credit: “Lighting Joint” (CC BY 2.0) by halseike