How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

Cannabis To Become A Class A Drug?

It has been reported by The Times that the British Home Secretary is considering reclassifying Cannabis as a Class A Drug.

In light of concerns that cannabis is becoming a gateway drug to more harmful substances, Suella Braverman is considering upgrading it to a Class A substance.

In recent days, Conservative police and crime commissioners have called for the drug to be treated like cocaine, and the home secretary says she stands with them.

It is generally believed that Braverman does not support calls to decriminalise cannabis because she believes it sends the wrong political and cultural message that drug use is “acceptable behaviour”.

Additionally, she is concerned about evidence linking the drug to psychosis, cancer and birth defects.

The position does seem strange. Such a change in the UK would be out of step with many countries and US states which have been moving towards legalising or ‘decriminalising’ cannabis.

Photo Credit: “Ganja” (CC BY 2.0) by Carlos Gracia

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This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated since.

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