Buying Drugs on the Dark Web

Buying Drugs on the Dark Web

The dark net continues to be a growing source for buying drugs in this country, according to the Global Drugs Survey. According to their figures, the amount of drugs purchased via the dark web has doubled since 2014.

For the survey over 120,000 people were questioned, coming from over 30 countries. In England, the survey indicated that nearly 29% of drug users in England pre-ordered their drugs via the web, compared to a figure of just under 13% in 2014. In Scotland the percentage of drugs that were delivered to order in this way was even higher.

Cannabis, Cocaine and Ecstasy are thought to be the most purchased drugs on the web, as well as synthetic drugs such as Spice.

The results of the survey concur with a recent study from the Australian National University (ANU) which suggested that it has never been easier to buy synthetic opioids on the dark web.

Buying Drugs On the Web Is Risky

Anybody who decides to buy drugs on the web is taking a major risk. In effect, you are giving out your name and home address to a complete stranger. What they do with that information may not be in your best interests, they may even want to blackmail you in order to keep your secret safe.

As well as being illegal, buying drugs on the dark web can lead to you being scammed or exploited financially. As well as that, you will have no consumer protection, so your could be just throwing your money away.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is actively involved in trying to crackdown on the kind of sites that pop up to sell illegal drugs of abuse. Several of the bigger dark net marketplaces have been closed down as a result. critics of this approach argue that by doing this, users are forced to buy from small, untested websites, making them even more susceptible to being scammed or blackmailed.

The NCA argues that it takes cyber-crime threat seriously, and recent high profile closures of websites have resulted in long prison sentences for individuals that have been detected as being behind these businesses.

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