Using Alcohol Test Kits at Home

What if you could benefit from getting accurate alcohol and drug test results all in the privacy and comfort of your own home? What if there were a wide selection of testing kits that promised accurate, safe and fast results? If this sounds interesting to you, you are in the right place.

We offer you a variety of products that will let you know for certain whether or not drugs or alcohol are present in the person tested. These products are extremely simple to administer and you will have accurate results in four minutes or less. Our CE marked products  are popular worldwide because of their portability and ease of use.

We have different alcohol test kits that can be used either in a work setting or for in home use. Many employers choose to use our alcohol test kits to make sure that their workforce is sober while they are on the job. This can save the company money by increasing productivity and reducing the chance of accidents. The home alcohol test kits allow you to see results in just a few minutes. Both the work setting and at home kits are high quality and extremely accurate.

Many parents choose our easy-to-use alcohol test kits at home for a quick, accurate way to be sure that their children are being safe. These portable kits also let you test your own alcohol level before getting behind the wheel of a car. Driving while intoxicated brings great risk to yourself and others. When you decide to use an alcohol testing kit, you have an objective way to make sure you are safe before driving, especially when driving the morning after.

Three Types of Alcohol Test Kits

We offer three different types of alcohol test kits you can use: the saliva alcohol test, the urine alcohol test, and the breath alcohol detector. A breath detector is recommended if you are looking for an easy way to test quickly and accurately. We offer to types of breath alcohol detector. One detects Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at 0.08%, which is the UK drink driving limit. The second works at a BAC of 0.02% for checking alcohol at “zero tolerance”   Whether you purchase one of our kits for yourself or for testing one of your children, you can get piece of mind within the privacy of your own home.

At Zoom Testing we only offer alcohol test kits that are up-to-date, accurate, and of the highest quality. Also, you’ll find that our prices are extremely competitive and gentle on the wallet. When you order from us, you can rest assured that we place great importance on excellent customer service. Our goal is to answer all of your alcohol testing questions accurately and to deliver your orders quickly.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

This post was originally published in June 2013 and has been updated regularly since.

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