New Product: 13-in-1 Urine Drug Test Cup

All-In-One, 13-in-1 Urine Drug Test Cup Provides Users With Rapid Results

The 13-in-1 urine drug test cup is a comprehensive drug testing product – the best in collection and screening.

It’s got a simple design, making it easy to use. It’s got a leak-proof screw lid, and upon a sample being provided, the drug test starts to work. Cups come individually foil-wrapped and sealed, to maintain their accuracy and quality during the production process.

For correct use, peel the label cover off to get the results in five minutes.

That’s it! There’s no mess to deal with. You don’t have to handle any urine or worry about urine spilling out. Every cup comes with a built-in temperature test panel and three-pad urine adulteration test. The sample will be tested and get information about the following

• Body temperature
• Whether chemicals dilute the urine

You’ll feel confident that you’re getting accurate drug test results.

The product covers a range of 13 common drug groups for every urine sample and provides individual results of each one. Each cup comes with a high-quality drug test strip to provide you with quick, clear results.

13 Drug Test Cup for Professional Drug Screening

Every 13 drug test cup has been CE batch certified, meaning they are both reliable and high in quality. In order to attain the professional CE certification for medical IVDD grades, the drug tests had to meet stringent standards that healthcare providers from around the world demand.

If you need a high-quality employment drug screening tool for your workplace, this ready-made collection cup will provide you fast, accurate results and is easy to use. The new 13-in-1 Drug Test Cup adds to the range of integrated drug testing kits from Zoom Testing. Have a look at out other popular cup tests – the 8 Drug Test Cup and the 10 Drug Test Cup.

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