11 Panel Drug Test

12 Panel Drug Screen For Urine Drug Testing In Clinics

We’ve jut taken delivery of our brand new Zoom Testing professional 12 drug multi drug screening urine test kit.

This is a high accuracy urine drug test kit that has been developed for the professional drug test market in the UK. It offers the perfect drug test combination for research screening in medical research and other clinical observations. These tests are extremely cost-effective and each box contains 25 single foil wrapped multi-panel urine drug tests, complete with data sheet and instructions insert.

The 12 panel urine drug screen tests simultaneously for the following drugs:

ALC – Alcohol
AMP – Amphetamines (Speed)
BAR – Barbiturates
BUP – Buprenorphine (Subutex)
BZO – Benzodiazepines
COC – Cocaine (Crack)
MDMA – Ecstasy
MET – Methamphetamines
MOR – Morphine / Opiates (Heroin)
MTD – Methadone
TCA – Tricyclic Antidepressants
THC – Cannabis

Why would you buy the 12 panel urine drug test from Zoom Testing?
Value: Twelve drug screens in one drug test! Screens for all the main drugs of abuse in the UK.
Accurate: All parameters 95-97% accurate compared with GC/MS laboratory tests.
Quick: Results appear in 3 – 5 minutes.
Easy to use: Just one step dip into urine sample and the results can be read.
Delivery: Product sent from the UK. Next day delivery available
Recently manufactured: These tests are made for Zoom Testin and have a 18-24 months shelf life.
Ultra sensitive for opiates screening: Unlike most multi-parameter drug tests being sold in the UK, our drug screens include the very sensitive 300 ng/ml Opiate / Morphine test membrane.

The Zoom Testing 12 panel multi drug urine test kit is available from
Please go to our home page for more details on this new test screen. Should you want more information or wholesale prices for drug testing kits, please e-mail