How Long Can Cocaine Stay in Your Body?

Cocaine is powerfully addictive for a drug: It’s a stimulant that affects your brain directly, giving you that ‘high’ feeling. Call it crack or coke, you may wonder how long it stays in your body after snorting it. Read on find out more about how long cocaine is detectable in the system.

What Is Cocaine?

Scientifically, it’s known as benzoylmetylecgonine and it’s used strictly for medical purposes due to its ability to be used as a local anaesthetic. By the early 1900s, cocaine became the main stimulant used to treat various ailments. Due to the strong effects it has on your body, people have been using cocaine illicitly for many years. In fact, it’s the second most commonly used illegal drug in the UK.

The Different Types of Cocaine

Different chemical process produces different kind of cocaine. Powdered form is cocaine in hydrochloride salt, and it is commonly known as ‘coke’, usually absorbed to the body by snorting or injecting with a syringe after diluting the powdered drug. Crack cocaine on the other hand, is when cocaine is in ‘freebase’ form (a compound that hasn’t been neutralised by an acid) and can be smoked.

The Effects of Cocaine

Snorting crack gives a potent, nearly instantaneous effect. As cocaine enters your body, it works its way to get ‘play’ with your brain via the bloodstream. Cocaine inhibits the chemical receptors in the brain (called neurotransmitters) that are normally used to communicate signals among each other and stops them from being reabsorbed. Over a certain period (in this case, for a short time), a build up of neurotransmitters form along the brain tissues between the nerves, causing you to feel euphoric.

Sure you’d feel high, alert, and snorting coke gives you a sense like you’ve accomplished a lot of things. But to what cost? In the end after the effect wears off (usually within a couple of hours), you may feel irritated, restless, and depressed than ever. Smoke it too much, cocaine will put a considerable effect to the heart, lungs, brain, and able to cause you a sudden death.

How Long Can Cocaine Stay in Your Body for?

How long cocaine can get out from your body is greatly depends on your metabolic cycle and it’s a common misconception that it only takes a couple of days to have cocaine metabolise out of your body.

Some people may metabolise cocaine within a short period while other may do not. It is also depend on how much cocaine you’ve had in your body at one time so obviously the higher the amounts you snorted the longer it takes to get out completely from your body. Benzoylecgonine – the key compound of cocaine – can be detected in blood within three days.  Detection time in urine can be up to seven days (particularly for frequent users). In fact, cocaine can also be detected in your hair up to three months after using it.

Drug testing for cocaine can takes various forms. Tests can be carried out to detect the presence of cocaine in the blood, urine, and even hair follicles.

The only reliable way to know if your body is clear of cocaine is by taking a cocaine drug test. Reliable drug testing kits can be bought at Zoom Testing. These, professional grade drug tests, will detect cocaine and other drugs of abuse within minutes.

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