How Accurate Are Cannabis Drug Tests?

How accurate are urine drug test kits for Cannabis?

Modern day drug tests are very accurate. Typically, most drug testing kits will have an accuracy of between 97 and 99% when the manufacturers instructions are followed correctly. This is very high. Because most employment drug screening uses urine drug tests, it means that they are very hard to cheat.

Many will attempt to cheat a cannabis drugs test by one of three methods: substitution, addition or dilution.

The first method means that a drug test for cannabis can be beaten by substitution of the donor’s urine with that of anther person who is “clean” of drugs. Sounds simple, but it is not that easy! Often urine that is donated as part of a drugs test is subjected to an adulteration test. These kinds of tests are designed to identify instances where fake urine has been used in a drugs test.

Addition or dilution is when the urine sample is watered down or chemicals are added to the urine sample to try and produce a negative result. Once again, an adulteration test kit will show if the urine sample has been tempered with.

Urine drug tests for Cannabis are normally single drug test kits or one drug that is tested for as part of a multi-drug test kit.

How accurate are saliva drug test kits for Cannabis?

Many employers are now turning to saliva drug tests as a way of drug testing for cannabis. Tests that use saliva are often preferred now as they are much harder to cheat than urine drug teats. They also have less privacy issues, Accuracy of saliva drug tests for cannabis are also high, up to 99%. However the testing window for saliva drug test kits is much lower than urine tests.

Saliva drug tests for cannabis are normally multi drug test kits that test for a number of drugs at once, of which cannabis is just one

How accurate is hair drug testing for cannabis?

Hair drug testing for cannabis is very reliable. Hair samples can be tested and results can be obtained for drug usage up to 90 days after the event with a high  level of accuracy.

Which brands of  drug test kits for cannabis are the most accurate?

Zoom Testing only offers and sells drug test kits from reputable drug test manufacturers around the world. All tests are CE marked and quality assured.

Photo Credit: Heath Alseike on Flickr